Vic Mirallas: “I have a lot of empathy with Argentina and its great urban music movement” – Tiempo Argentino

Vic Mirallas, one of the most celebrated artists of Spanish urban music, returns to Argentina to present crosswordshis latest studio album, which will be a great opportunity to see how much and how good Catalan is being talked about.

With a mixture of R&B, hip hop, pop and jazz, this 28-year-old musician generated the best opinions in the press in his country, where many highlight his live performances as one of his best letters of introduction, something that can be experienced for those who go to Niceto Club on May 4. “It is a super honor that you support me to play there. Obviously I’m a bit nervous because it’s a risk, but it’s normal, fair and necessary. The desire to do something musical with elegance is always present”, says Mirallas from somewhere in Barcelona in dialogue with Weather.

This visit of the Spaniard to the country is not the first, although it will be the debut of the project that has his name well in front and has the collaboration of Camilo, Don Patricio, Ca7riel, Muerdo, Bely Basarte, Juancho Marqués, among others. “I’ve been to Argentina several times, but as an accompanist for other musicians like Alejandro Sanz. This is the first time that I will go with mine, but before I participated in jams in the country, and I always received good opinions from people who told me that I had to come alone. Beyond that, I am one of those who have a lot of empathy with Argentina, its musicians, and its great urban music movement, so that interest has arisen in taking me to play my latest album is something more than attractive to me”.

crosswords, the album that Vic Mirallas comes to present, emerged with the pandemic as a backdrop, something that significantly affected the context and final result of the project. “This album, unintentionally, began in the midst of a pandemic. He had 2020 full of performance dates, but everything was cancelled. So I found myself in my room with a home studio, with time, something I didn’t have before. That was like a dramatic situation at some point, but there were also personal things that happened that affected the album. That’s why the album also has that name, because they are dramas that happened as if it were a common link that unites all the songs”.

Regarding the collaborations on the album, the Spaniard says: “In each song there was a different need. Of course I have an affinity with people like Juancho or others with whom I worked as at home. But it all has to do with the song and what she has to ask you for. It can be a man or a woman, but if it is like that, things work out on their own because priorities are always defined in production. However, there are always different factors that lead you to collaborate with someone.”

Among all those who participated in crosswords, Ca7riel participates in the track “You don’t want me’ to me”, where the classic verb of the Argentinian and the Catalan are added to a reflective theme with a lot of jazz in the air. “I met him personally when he came to play in Catalonia, but we also had some friends in common. When I went to his concert I really liked his way of rapping and showing his art. His proposal is very beautiful and it immediately seemed to me that it could be part of this album, but they told me that it was difficult for me to collaborate on projects. With nothing to lose I sent him a track and he told me that he would do it, and finally things were very easy. I think that when someone is motivated to do something and takes it as a game, the end result is very fluid.

Focusing on the show that is coming to Niceto, Mirallas admits that most of the list of songs will revolve around his latest album but that everything can change from one day to the next. “Basically we are going to play the entire new album, but we will also present other songs that are from other previous times. The band that will accompany me on stage is made up entirely of Argentine musicians whom I only know through their social networks, so it’s hard for me to imagine how we’re going to get to the end. But for everything to be more than good, I’m going to arrive a week before to rehearse, that’s why I’m a little nervous because that meeting will be very new for me, and I’m very sure of that. In Argentina there are many very capo musicians, so I am very interested in hearing and knowing how they breathe my music and the arrangements they will make. The concert will definitely be a surprise for everyone.”

From most of the Iberian media, the figure of Vic Mirallas is pointed out as the great hope of Spanish music, something that does not seem to affect the Catalan too much. “Now I have much more responsibility than before, that is true, and I have noticed it. But at the end of the day I realize all the positive things that are happening with my music. I just try to make music and not pay more attention to what is said about me. I’m glad that’s said, but I do my thing on and off stage hoping to be happy with what I’ve done. And if others like it, it’s much better.”

Vic Mirallas presents crosswords
Wednesday, May 4 at 8:30 p.m., Niceto Club, Av. Niceto Vega 5510.

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Vic Mirallas: “I have a lot of empathy with Argentina and its great urban music movement” – Tiempo Argentino

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