Vetusta Morla: “Our concerts are like diving into a pool”

ground wire is the last album of the Spanish band Ancient Morla. This record work made up of ten songs covers, in its own way, the folkloric sounds of its country. There are no purisms, simply a compilation of sounds that its members link with their beginnings, their cradle, their land.

His shows in Basin (6) and Quito (7), kept that essence. After being at the height of popularity in Spain, going to new destinations with his music is a refreshing move for his creativity. “We are very excited to do shows and arrive in Ecuador”assures the guitarist Juanma Latorre from his hotel in the Azuaya capital.

This show was held in the theater of the Casa de la Cultura, with capacity for 1,120 people. A small number for artists who have performed on the Iberian Peninsula at massive events, such as the one offered on June 24 at the Metropolitan Stadium of Madridwhere Ancient Morla brought together more than 35,000 people. Starting from scratch in America is a challenge that they take on with love and responsibility. For this reason, with this new tour they also make their way into Mexico Y Colombia.

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How about the first hours in Cuenca?

We are enjoying this first encounter with the city. Perhaps we will find a similarity to the Spanish basin. Both share being very small and beautiful cities, relatively quiet.

Vetusta Morla is used to big stages. Is being in Cuenca and Quito reconnecting with the beginnings of the band?

It is a privilege that we accept with much feeling and pride. We have traveled a path that goes from very small spaces. The band spent ten years without being able to release a single album and we visited many bars, thus winning over the public almost one by one. Then Vetusta started to work and we went to bigger places. It is true that something is lost along the way. That excitement of the first time, that challenge of conquering each person with music and having to give the best of yourself, as you become more professional, it frays. Reaching places where we are not as well known as in Spain also helps us to recover this feeling and keep our feet on the ground. You don’t have to believe yourself more than you are. But above all, reconnect with that way of making music.

What gives you more nerves: that there are 100 people or singing in front of 200 thousand?

The smaller the audience, the more difficult it is. In a very large mass, everything ends up being like a sea of ​​heads and it is easier to avoid tension. It is also more beautiful when you have people closer, because you can see in their faces the reaction that the music provokes in them. But it is true that one says: ‘Wow! They’re looking at me.’

In the depth of his music

Finisterre is a municipality in Galicia, Spain, from which one of Vetusta’s latest singles, nominated for a Latin Grammy for best rock song, takes its name. Their video, which takes place entirely underwater and in which you can see how each of its members is submerged along with instruments, is a metaphor for what happens between the artists and their audience. “What happens in the Finisterre pool is a beautiful way of defining what happens to us. It’s a weightless world that has its own rules, that you don’t know if it floats or falls, it’s a way of describing what we propose on stage and we want people to immerse themselves in our story, songs and words. A concert is like a different world.”

Juanma emphasizes that the approach they want to put in each song is not the most important thing, because what matters most to him is that the public make their own story when they listen to them. “The song is a love story, something strange in our songs. But our themes are not going to have something deep, that if you don’t understand it you’re a fool; Rather, the songs are bubbles so that people let themselves be enveloped by sensations”.

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The achievements

A Ancient Morla everything has gone up. That is why they also celebrate their Latin Grammy nominations. “I was at home working, doing a mix in my studio, and the head of our record label started bombarding us with messages full of emoticons and capital letters. That’s how we found out. It was very joyful. It really makes us very excited, regardless of whether it materializes or not. We want to get in touch with the community of artists and creators from Latin America. We have spent many years endeavoring to broaden our personal horizons through our visits. That is the meeting point of that community and we are excited”.

On November 17, in Las Vegasthey will be able to verify if they win in the categories best pop/rock album (ground wire), best rock song (Finisterre) or best long version music video (Matria).


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Vetusta Morla: “Our concerts are like diving into a pool”

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