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The world of hip-hop is in mourning. While the world mourns the death of Pop Smoke, many rappers have already reacted to his disappearance.

The tragic news is now going around the world. just a few hours ago, Pop Smoke, up-and-coming rapper of the New York hip-hop/drill scene is dead. He was murdered in a burglary gone wrong. Obviously, his tragic disappearance sparked many reactions on social networks, both among his fans and among rappers. Everyone mourns today the death of an artist who has a bright future ahead of him. Despite the dark hues of his music.

Nicki Minaj

“The Bible tells us that jealousy is as cruel as death. Rest in peace Pop.”

Swae Lee

“No way that’s true…sickening”

Freddie Gibbs

“Last night I was in the studio and I was thinking that Pop Smoke reminded me of 50 Cent when he was in his early days. RIP.”

50 Cent

“RIP my guy Pop Smoke, no mercy for the winners. God bless you”.

“Damn, some guys shot my little guy.. Dude…”

“There is no success without jealousy. Treachery comes from those closest to you. RIP”.

DJ Sheem

“You kidding me… RIP Pop Smoke…”


“It’s very sad here. It seems that no matter how hard you work to escape crime and poverty, she still comes for you”.

Cole Bennett

“Damn man, rip Pop Smoke, that’s fucking crazy”

quest love

“Lord Jesus…. Pop Smoke is gone?! WTF!!!!?”


“Too many deaths. Whore. Damn. So sad, he almost made it. Shit !”


“Yo WTF Rip Pop Smoke man… WTF”

Reese LaFlare

“Rest in peace Pop Smoke… The world is too bad man…”

BlocBoy JB

Pierre Bourne



It’s not true. I didn’t even know this guy but he was just starting out in this Rap Game. I was really curious how he was going to grow. Too many young lives with so much potential are being snatched away. This shit has to stop 🛑 🙏🏽 RIP Pop Smoke


“Damn, that fucking sucks. You made your whole town proud. RIP Pop Smoke”


“Rip Pop Smoke. This shit is beyond us… I’m in shock”

Pete Rock

“Da Fuck… Damn, I’m shocked! He hadn’t even released his first album yet. Damn, this is completely insane! Rip Pop Smoke”

Uncle Murda

“It sucks RIP Young King”

Young MA

“I have no words, I am in shock. Rest in peace king of Brooklyn! This shit affects us all here!”

Talib Kweli

“Damn. The future was looking bright for Pop Smoke. It’s tragic. Brooklyn is in mourning today”.


“Rest in peace King Pop Smoke. You can’t even get peace these days… I’m in shock. #WeMustDoBetter”

Mack Maine

“2020 is seriously going down the drain…. RIP little guy Pop Smoke”


“Damn, we were together not long ago… Rip Pop Smoke, life is too short #LLWOO”

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US rap mourns and reacts to the death of Pop Smoke | Hip Hop Corner: French rap, US and culture news

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