Unrecognizable, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes dare the same fashion trend

As with each of their appearance in public, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon caused a stir at New York Fashion Week. The fashion scene scrutinized them from top to bottom as soon as they appeared outside the doors of Manhattan’s Skylight on Vesey. It must be said that they had dared a provocative and insolent style that day! Mother and daughter showed off in outfits gothic trend.

The Gothic style is the controversial trend of the moment. She signs her big comeback this year and the stars seem to adopt her. Disappeared for almost 20 years, lace, leather, fishnet, ruffles, studded jewelry and black makeup are back. A proof, the hashtag #gotfashion has nearly 1,600,000 recent posts on Instagram.

The Gothic style is back in fashion: Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon adopt it

Gothic yes, but less radical than before! If you want to adopt this style, you are free to dip into trendy pieces without opting for the full-look. No need to paint your nails or color your lips black. At the NYFW parade, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon had, however, opted for the option to their fingertips.

On the spectator bench Tom Ford show, the two silhouettes of Madonna and Lourdes Leon were sulfurous and very feminine. Dressed in satin, lace, crosses, sequins, they evoked the festive Gothic style. If all the cream of fashion had their eyes riveted on them, it’s because the gothic look intrigues as much as it fascinates. Not everyone dares to adopt it yet, but the two women are always avant-garde in terms of style.

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Madonna and Lourdes Leon as “goth girls” at NYFW’s Tom Ford show

As for Madonna, the singer wore an exposed corset under a satin jumpsuit. She also played the card of attraction and opulence. She wore black and white polish, leather mittens, an XXL silver heart ring, thousands of chain bracelets, but also a cascade of diamond necklaces. In terms of hairstyle, she had kept her red color and put on a black satin headband to match her outfit.

On the side of Lourdes Leon, the young girl was more simply dressed. She wore a long metallic black dress with spaghetti straps. For accessories, she had chosen a long necklace adorned with a big cross, a mini black leather handbag and black sandals with glittery soles. As a hairstyle, she sported long bangs slicked across her forehead, reminiscent of Katie Holmes at the same Tom Ford show.

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon had metamorphosed into real “goth girls” dressed entirely in black. And since the gothic style of 2022 is less “grunge” than before, they wore lots and lots of glitter and diamonds! We can say that this Gothic look is contemporary. We could also see it complemented with a touch of one of the trendy colors of the moment.

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Unrecognizable, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes dare the same fashion trend

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