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For this, the union points out, the involvement of the Government of Spain is necessary, but also of the autonomous communities since they are the ones that have delegated powers in educational matters.

The coordinator of Concerted, Private Education and Disability of UGT Public Services, Jesús Gualix, has presented this Thursday in Valencia the planned actions, among them the proposal that he has already transferred to the Secretary of State for Education, José Manuel Bar, for negotiation and Modification of Royal Decree 2377/1985, of December 18 on the Regulation of Basic Norms on Educational Agreements. The union demands the improvement of the working, social and salary conditions of the concerted education workers and is committed to a more pragmatic model of educational concerts that focuses on the workers.

The regulation has demonstrated its effectiveness for almost 40 years but it has become obsolete and it is necessary to update it in aspects not initially regulated, according to the union, which estimates 180,000 workers in the sector in Spain (15,363 in the Valencian Community). For them, it requests their homologation in the territories, the collection of salary supplements and the delegated payment of the teaching staff. Only Catalonia, Cantabria and the Balearic Islands pay for the six-year terms in the concerted one, while only Catalonia and Madrid pay a supplement for tutoring, examples of the existing disparity, according to the union.

The case of the Valencian Community

In the Valencian Community, teachers do not have the right to these concepts, so there is a salary gap with respect to public education. In the case of secondary education, the salary difference for the six-year periods exceeds 236 euros per month for teachers with 12 years of experience and 525 from the fourth six-year period. In addition, he has to fight in court for his right to collect extraordinary pay upon reaching 25 years of work because, despite the fact that it is regulated, the Department of Education does not pay it until the affected person claims it in court.

The remuneration homologation with the Public is located in the Valencian Community at 96%, and there are ten communities that offer a percentage of homologation higher than that percentage. In terms of working hours, it is 25 teaching hours a week while in the public sphere in the Valencian Community it stands at 18 in secondary and 23 in primary. UGT asks to increase the number of teachers to distribute the teaching load and estimates that it would be necessary to incorporate some 60,000 teachers throughout Spain (5,000 in the Valencian Community).

In addition, it calls for the creation of the Board established in the twenty-ninth Additional Provision of the Lomloe to study the concert modules and assess the total cost of teaching free of charge, the actual homologation of salary and working conditions or the maintenance of jobs in the loss of units, subjects or programs among other issues.

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UGT demands to update the decree on educational concerts and personnel improvement – Magisnet

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