Trap n’ export: renewal, friendship and bars among the priests of the scene | About the ups and downs of the scene and the albums by YSY A, Duki, CA7RIEL, Paco Amoroso and Wos

On November 19, 2019, Diablo Mode made its last live performance to date.. Dressed by Roberto Sánchez as players from a nineties entertainment program, the three paladins of trap, YSY ANeo Pistea and Dukithey hugged each other putting a seal on a stage that was averaging, while they understood that their paths led to different places. The realization of the dream had answered all the members of the family. Although the media, their sensitivity and even the nature of their own projects will make them reoffend.

Although the proposal of trap and rap in Argentina does not work as a stable group where everyone has their role -as if they seem to have it Dillom and his production team, with unprecedented results in the contemporary world-, a certain camaraderie is remarkable. A line can be drawn that tells the story for future books that someone should write.

There is a word that these guys say in every interview they give. No matter the age, the musical genre they are betting on, or their massiveness. Each and every one speaks of “hunger”: the one they felt when they started, the one that prompted them to continue even when no one recognized them, to skip stages and fill stadiums without being fully aware. Being starving allowed them over a period of time (with insane rhythms) regulate their career and from that cultural explosion regroup the cells, without losing their tricks.

It gives the feeling that the fragility of youth and not having external support kept them unitedlike those children who go to birthdays and can not detach themselves from the legs of their parents. As they conditioned their styles and techniques, so did their personalities.. And today, being many consecrated artists, some unable to go out on the street, they continue to retain something of that of taking care of each other’s backs. The network of colleagues suffers ups and downs, but continues to show interesting results.

It is as if there were an implicit pact, a protection between brothers, a pure-blooded martinfierrista: you can throw beef and threaten each other for stories, but someone from outside the scene should not come to pretend to disarm the fort. Just like when foreigners try to come on Twitter to give us lessons on how to live better in Argentina. They will have their mistakes, but they are ours. Up those memes of Bardo Salteño and Bart grafitting “El Duko” on a wall in Monte Chingolo!

► YSY, the great founder

premature and irreversible, Alejo set up an empire that he stopped typing just before it slipped out of his hands: The Fifth Stepan uncontrollable beast that remained as long as it could and was not enough for any of the parties. Freestylers needed to compete with kids from other regions and gain visibility as competitors; the rest understood that the logic of battles did not satisfy them and they wanted to see what’s up “that music thing”how they glued their punchlines with melodies.

Alejo managed to transfer all his creative talents and, with it, another concept that continues to put this puzzle together: self-management. Why, if we got here alone, are we now going to have to ask for help from men in suits who understand nothing of musical logic? Let’s continue alone, but let’s remember our brothers. Ysy is the quintessential example of doing it all alone. And if you don’t know, you learn.

At the age of 13, he was sent to organize events, he got sponsors, weaved contacts, arranged details with security or police personnel, and in between, when he had time left, he rapped with an alien dexterity.. And at the height of his popularity he could have signed an alliance with Red Bull, be an international jury or whatever his bulging credentials would allow, but no. The next stage placed him in the center of the stage, full ice and with legs that never get tired..

Now, with his still brand new album real trap, Alejo adds his fourth studio work, a place that, before being comfortable, he finds fun. It is not surprising then that the busted Luna Park that saw him debut to present itremarked several times that he had proposed start enjoying playing live.

That night Duki saw him from behind, but he was present at his brother’s baptism at the Palacio de los Deportes.

► Perreos with Duko

The cradle of reggaeton is in Puerto Rico, but in Argentina we have a good franchisestill cooking with more rustic intentions than the popified ones that come down from the Caribbean. Duki premiered his reggaeton season, second EP added to the two long albums. And, just like YSY, the Wanakin exorcised demons, learned from his mistakes (SSJhis debut album, was more to conform to the industry than to obey artistic impulses), ripe (Since the end of the world is the thesis) and today, confident, he surprises and gets the urge.

Mauro and the frontman of El Quinto Escalón They are already much more than simple well-known figures, and making a name for themselves allows them to produce songs with artists who cross borders. A glitch that shows hyperpop and excites what is to come shows a full neutral Duko that misses the opportunity to season the silver touch with the lyrics. midtown is the winning ticket because it matches perfectly the danceable mood with the sad side: his gift that took him so far.

► CA7RIEL, Paco, the storm and the calm

The fragmentations are not necessarily negative: it is enough to listen to the solo albums by CA7RIEL and Paco Amoroso. The lysergic duo parted ways, Cato conserved electricity that gallops in each of the tracks of THE DISK; while Paquito matured his ideasstunned by that frenetic monster called fame without having been able to stop to think of next directions.

Quarantine through -which acted as a catalyst or artistic break, depending on the case-, the boy with doll eyes and a broken back chose to soften his voice and explore the world of songs. ARROW It seems like a record made to shine summer and set music to the first talks on the sidewalk late at night.. With perfectly chosen collaborations (Adrián Dárgelos, Tío la Bomba, El Doctor and Lara 91k) and a Paco with the clarity of learning.

► Wos’s rushing heart

And Wos? The kid perfect attendance released his second LP with a title that sounds like an oxymoron (dark ecstasy) and a featuring with Mollo that was only a matter of time. A collaboration that makes fans on both sides happy. Although the album is long without offering many novelties regarding Caravana and it deflates in the second part. The singles do not come into harmony with the rest. Maybe it has something to do with that Valentin himself feels more than he thinks and that has not yet been reflected in the songs. The heart in a hurry and a brain that is still trying to decipher everything that happened.

► The social network

YSY he is somewhat reluctant, but the ambassador continues to make the diabolical sign with his hands and enjoys throwing a few bars with his “fat” while he gets into another universe: the stream. Duke he wears it on his skin and resigns the closure of his album so that CA7RIEL steal your last breath and end up owing one to your host. wow samples Fatboy Slim but from the hand of the guy with the Scythe tattoo, who was also his guitarist. Paco accompanied his scenic chaos and now they divide waters, but they celebrate their adventures in the same street. And with the same selfie.

“Fame doesn’t change me,” sings Duki in the legendary Let’s talk tomorrow, the theme with which he was invited to record with Bad Bunny along with Pablo Chill-E. Lombard keep waving to everyone on the streetparticipate in songs with people who may not yet be sure if they want to be singers, in the same way that Upload on your Instagram screenshots of topics that are the under of the underwithout any apparent interest beyond wanting to support them.

Just see what will happen to the new generationbecause yes, there is already a new litter of handles wanting to spurt out: Tiago PZK, Rusherking and Maria Becerra they enter another level of the timeline, without going any further. And it will be seen if the flash of the colored mirrors is so strong as to end up destroying our idiosyncrasy.

They are the children of instantaneity, and that is their natural term to gestate things. Today, thinking about taking more than a year to release an album is crazy. That is why the market does not give them the time to process it. And if the token falls during the sound mix, during the tour or even on the farewell date, then they will realize that they want to change direction. It will be up to them to realize if it is worth starting from scratch.

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Trap n’ export: renewal, friendship and bars among the priests of the scene | About the ups and downs of the scene and the albums by YSY A, Duki, CA7RIEL, Paco Amoroso and Wos

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