Top Navy and White of Thursday, May 12, 2022 | Marc Planus: “We wanted to label the Girondins, and we simply lost our identity”

May 12, 2022

Guests of ARL, this Thursday, May 12 in the program “Top Marine & Blanc”, the former players of the Girondins de Bordeaux, Marc PLANUS and Hervé BUGNET, as well as the former midfielder of FC Lorient, Fabrice ABRIEL return to news from the Girondins de Bordeaux.

In very bad shape this season, the Girondins of Bordeaux have 99.9% to go in League 2 next season after their draw against Lorient. The former defender of Girondins of Bordeaux, Marc Planus gave his opinion on the season of Navy and White : The score is there. Everything has already been said about the season. Afterwards, it’s very easy to criticize now and to say that we should have done differently. But when you start the season with a coach who doesn’t know the league, who doesn’t speak the language, who doesn’t recruit any players, when he comes to the end of physical preparation… When you recruit players who don’t know the whole championship, who does not speak the language… Already, you are shooting yourself in the foot before the start of the championship. We knew it would be complicated. That it is also complicated, no, but it is sure that the balance sheet is catastrophic. The human losses will be considerable, and that is what saddens me the most. “.

Bordeaux is the laughing stock of the championship?

For Marc Planus it is not the sporting results that disappoint him, but the image of the club: “Sportingly, it can happen, some years… So, being 20th, no, for Bordeaux it’s scandalous, but it’s not the sportsman who touches me the most, it’s the image of the club. We are the laughingstock of the French championship, there is nothing that is consistent with the institution. Everything has been flouted at all levels. It’s more to see some employees who have been there for 10-15 years… I spent 26 at the Girondins, and I know that they are all panicking because they don’t know how they are going to be eaten. They know it’s going to end badly, but in what proportions, here it is… Afterwards, for me, from the moment Jean-Louis Triaud was put aside by M6, I knew that the club was going to lose a large part of its soul. I never thought we were going to fall so low, but I knew we were going to lose a big part of our family club identity, by driving away local people. Jean-Louis Triaud was the last who mastered the institution »

Le Haillan a fortress?

The training center is no longer open for supporters, not even for the old ones, Marc Planusformer defender of the Girondins does not want to enter a bank: “Now, you have to show your credentials at the entrance… That’s all I’m running away from, it doesn’t suit me, and I haven’t experienced that. There are former players who have been turned away at the entrance to the training center! But that’s inconceivable in Bordeaux… But that’s quite simply what we’ve become. Today, Bordeaux has become that. The conclusion is there. We no longer dream. We no longer dream of the kids who play in the District of Bordeaux, in New Aquitaine, kids who dreamed in the first place of coming to play in Bordeaux. We no longer dream because we ate all that. I said it a long time ago, and I also said it to Mr. Longsword who had summoned me one day. Le Haillan was closed, and he had opened the restaurant for us so that we could breakfast together, because he wanted to hear what I had to say when I had no intention of want to return to Haillan. I said to him: ‘you want your club to look like something? So, already, put people who are concerned by the club, who have something to transmit. I campaigned for Matthieu Chalmé to continue in reserve. I’m not saying that these former players are future Mourinho, I’m just saying on the other hand that they will transmit something that the others will not be able to transmit: the history of the club, and the identity that we have received, with the education we had with Claude Bez, Jean-Louis Triaud, a little with Alain Afflelou…. That, if we haven’t lived it, we can’t know it “.

Marc Planus almost came back last year

Former player of Girondins for 26 years, Marc Planus told ARL that he came close to returning to the club last year with a takeover offer: “This person had offered me the job of general manager, but I didn’t want to take care of the professional team because I had been away from professional football for too long, and I didn’t know enough about the players yet, so I didn’t didn’t want to deal with recruiting and all that. I had asked to continue with Jean-Louis Gasset, that was certain, and that was what I had put first. But I tell you, for the moment, in the current state of things, returning to the Girondins, it would be useless as long as there are no local people who have powers. It’s good to say that we have local people, but often it’s just to make the quotas, to say ‘look, it’s good, our window is not bad’. But if these people don’t have the power to choose the people they want to work with, there’s no point. “.

[Par Dorian Malvesin, © photo ARL – Loic Cousin]

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Interview with Marc PLANUS.

Interview with Hervé BUGNET.

Interview with Fabrice ABRIEL.

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Top Navy and White of Thursday, May 12, 2022 | Marc Planus: “We wanted to label the Girondins, and we simply lost our identity”

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