Tom Cruise and Ed Sheeran live without a mobile phone, could you?

    Our colleagues say Men’s Health that the secret of the eternal youth of Tom Cruise it’s in your exercise routine and your diet. Correct, but today we have come to tell you that you have forgotten (a kiss to everyone) a very important piece of information: Tom does not have a mobile phone. A fairly healthy custom (although it seems crazy to you) that the singer also strictly follows Ed Sheeran.

    Yes. Actor and singer belong to very different generations, but the two agree that they do not intend to submit to technology. Not even to find out if they are late for a job or to get up at the right time. Of course, you will now be freaking out and wondering how they can survive, much less become famous. Well, in the case of the professional there is a figure called an assistant and an object called an agenda; and when it comes to waking up in the morning, there are alarm clocks.

    Tom Cruise and Ed Sheeran live without a mobile phone

    I know, take your time to digest it.


    It was in 2015 when Ed Sheeran confessed why he stopped having a mobile phone: “I felt very, very overwhelmed and sad when using it.a. I didn’t cut off contact with people, I just limited it.” How? Well, using mail instead of mobile. “I now have an email and every few days, I sit down and open my laptop and answer 10 emails at once… And then I live life again“, he assured.

    Although Tom Cruise has the advantage in this of living disconnected from mobile telephony. In 2007, and as if it were an impossible mission, the actor claimed not to sleep more than three hours a day (we’ll talk about this on another occasion because cloth), but the most surprising of all was what he said was THIS: ” I’m wearing jeans, socks, a shirt and a belt. I usually go to the hairdresser on set. But I don’t have an iPhone, email address, wristwatch, jewelry or wallet“.

    tom cruise1665067809 367 Tom Cruise and Ed Sheeran live without a mobile phone

    Normal, we must look like zombies all day looking at a screen.


    Mind you, Tom is going strong because he doesn’t even have mail. The triple jump with an inverted corkscrew that would scandalize Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and a long list of visionaries. Go that if Tom and Ed get called in to explain the metaverse… That is if they have heard of him.

    Ed Sheeran1665067809 780 Tom Cruise and Ed Sheeran live without a mobile phone

    Say yes, dear.


    Would you be able to live without a mobile phone?

    We know, we are asking too much of you, BUTWouldn’t it be wonderful to be free again? Not having to look every two nanoseconds at the screen thinking it’s going to be an email from your boss, or worse, another receipt notification. For you to consider it without thinking that we are crazy, Netflix brings us Detoxa delirious comedy that explores the need (or not) to carry out a digital detox with the help of two flatmates, Léa and Manon, who decide not to use devices for 30 days.

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    I know, the trailer is in French. So you stop looking at your mobile and start studying French. No problem.

    mobile phone1665067810 861 Tom Cruise and Ed Sheeran live without a mobile phone

    As long as you keep it in a drawer it’s okay, don’t overdo it.


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Tom Cruise and Ed Sheeran live without a mobile phone, could you?

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