Toluca is upset about possible fraud at the Alfeñique concerts

Inhabitants of Toluca have indicated possible fraud for the tickets for the Alfeñique Fair concerts, know the complaints and comments.

All very nice, but due to shortages and mismanagement of the delivery of tickets for the concerts of the Alfeñique Fair in Tolucathe population of the Mexiquense Capital has exploded in social networks.

Well, they even talk about a possible fraud of the event, learn more about the panorama that is surrounding the musical events that will liven up the Day of the Dead 2022.

Why do they say that there is possible fraud in the concerts of the Alfeñique Fair in Toluca?

Those interested in attending the Alfeñique Fair concerts in Toluca They indicated through social networks that the registration platform carried out the process, however, they never received the notification and QR code to obtain their tickets to the concert.

For what they consider that there was a possible fraud with the delivery of the tickets, since in the comments and publications on networks such as Facebook and Twitter they show it.

However, other users indicated that they managed to get their tickets between 05:00 and 05:30 in the morning.

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What is the population complaining about?

Among the comments and complaints that stand out about the sold-out tickets of the Alfeñique Fair in Toluca are:

  • Saturated Platform.
  • Page down without allowing access.
  • Failed registrations.
  • No delivery of QR code.
  • Lack of organization and planning in the delivery and registration strategy.
  • It is said that most of the tickets were given to City Hall employees.
  • They involve the next elections.

What do the Toluca authorities say in the face of the population’s annoyance?

In the official profile of the municipal president, Raymundo Carbajal, it was possible to see the response that he or his community manager gave to users, among them:

  • He encouraged them to keep trying to get tickets.
  • It indicated that the platform was saturated due to the large number of people trying to access it at the same time.
  • Likewise, he commented that the strategy was due to logistics factors to offer greater security to the attendees.
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What artists will play at the concerts of the Alfeñique Fair in Toluca?

  • Wednesday, October 19: MS Band.
  • Thursday, October 20: Cursed Neighborhood.
  • Friday, October 21: Sonora Santanera and Sonora Dinamita.
  • Saturday October 22: Alex Syntek.
  • Saturday October 22: Coco the Musical.
  • Sunday, October 23: Tribute to Juan Gabriel with the OFiT.

What day were the concert tickets sold out?

The tickets of the Alfeñique Fair of Toluca They were sold out in less than 24 hours after the registrations began, as announced by the municipal authorities.

Since the registration page opened on October 10 and closed on October 11 due to sold out tickets.

In this way, we invite you not to fall into fraud and reselling, since the tickets for the events were totally free.


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Toluca is upset about possible fraud at the Alfeñique concerts

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