This year around 110 concerts will be held in Lima and oversupply is feared

After two years of pandemic and the elimination of capacity restrictions, this 2022 around 110 concerts will be held in Lima, returning to the level of events that were held in pre-pandemic (2019), according to Move Concerts Peru projects.

Will there be enough demand for the aforementioned concerts? The managing partner of the company, Coqui Fernández, warned that given the current situation, there would be an oversupply, since the demand would not be as expected.

“We are just starting the fifth month of the year, and there are already 40 concerts announced, so it will easily exceed 100 in the year. And what is not taken into account is that the population is just coming out of a pandemic; Likewise, the impact of the country’s political and economic situation that affects the public’s pocket is not being seen, ”he indicated.

Along these lines, he said that this year what happened in 2011 could happen, when about 165 concerts were held in Lima, “one every other day, and many companies lost money due to lack of demand,” he mentioned.

mega events

Marina Marcovich, Apdayc’s national director of Fundraising, said that, for purposes of their income, 2019 was a very important year in mega-events and this year they expect to surpass it. And it is that the international shows are expanding their presentations up to two dates.

“We only saw this when it came to festivals,” says Marcovich.

Added to this, he said, is that the venues where the artists will perform are spacious. Among them are the National Stadium, Esplanade Arena, the Jockey Club, among others.

However, he noted, the promoters are cautious with the capacity. “In the first quarter we saw that the capacity was limited to 5,000 people, then it rose to 15,000 ″, he said.

Currently there are already events with updated capacity and the expectation in the National Stadium reaches almost its full capacity, of 40,000 spectators.

“A conservative position is being taken because health issues move quickly,” he said.

ticket price

As for the average price of tickets to concerts in the market, this has not decreased, despite the current scenario in the country, and rather it has been maintained versus 2019, between US$35 and US$90, he said. Coqui Fernandez.

“The pocket of the public is only one, and there are many people who have lost their jobs, or had a perfect suspension,” he mentioned.

In that sense, he indicated that due to this situation it has been observed that the public that has already purchased tickets for certain concerts has been selling them, through social networks, in order to finance other higher priced tickets.

“And they do this because they no longer have money to buy the other more expensive ticket or it is not enough for them at all. It’s that people get into debt up to a certain level, ”he noted.


  • Events. Of the 110 concerts estimated for this year in Lima, 70% will be held in open spaces.
  • Concerts. This year Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Anuel AA, Karol G, Guns N’ Roses, among others, will perform in Lima.
  • Digital. Just over 200 online events were registered in the first quarter of the year.
  • on the rise Apdayc’s collection for music playback in places such as restaurants, gyms and shopping centers has been recovering due to the increase in capacity.

plans. In the case of Move Concerts Peru, its director Coqui Fernández said that he plans to do six concerts this year, half of what they did in 2019; and they have lowered the price of their tickets by 20% compared to pre-pandemic. The concerts they have in their portfolio for this year are those of The Kooks, Louis Tomlinson, Arctic Monkeys, among others.

Small events still not recovered

Although mega-events have a quick recovery, the license requirement to run small events (weddings or birthdays) is still well below pre-pandemic levels.

Marina Marcovich, Apdayc’s national fundraising director, announced that, in the first quarter of 2019, Apdayc’s income from this type of face-to-face events totaled S/ 1 million, and from January to March 2022 only S/ 200,000.

That is why, when comparing the total number of face-to-face events and not only the high-box office ones that took place between January and March 2019 (around 4,800), it will be seen that in the same period of 2022 only 33% have been reached. . “You have to consider that the third wave occurred during the first months of this year,” said Marcovich.

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This year around 110 concerts will be held in Lima and oversupply is feared

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