This is what Dua Lipa’s attractive father looks like, who stole sighs on social networks

The man boasts the achievements of Dua Lipa in networks (Photo: Ig dukagjinlipa)

After last Wednesday Dua Lipa give a unforgettable concert at Foro Sol in Mexico City and later witness the magnitude 6.9 earthquake which originated in Cacolman, Michoacán, and reverberated in the country’s capital, another member of his family began to go viral.

Is about Dukagjin Lipa, who is his attractive father and stole more than a sigh on social networks after he was captured by TVNotes walking the streets of Zona Rosa in CDMX.

It was mainly in Twitterwhere some users began to share images of the father of the interpreter of hits like Levitating, One kiss either break my heart and they took the opportunity to highlight that the 53-year-old man was very handsome.

“You keep chasing #DuaLipa, I’m staying with the father, sisters.” “Dua Lipa is liking me for stepdaughter.” “My favorite thing about #DuaLipa is her dad.” “Please, let’s talk about the topic that really matters: Dua Lipa aka Dukagjin Lipa’s father. By God, WHAT A MAN”, are some of the mentions that abound in social networks.

Users often fill the man's posts with good comments (Photo: Ig dukagjinlipa)
Users often fill the man’s posts with good comments (Photo: Ig dukagjinlipa)

In accordance with TVNotesIt was on September 20 when Dua Lipa’s father was seen accompanied by his wife Anesa. They were seen leaving the hotel around 1:00 p.m. in order to get to know Mexico City a little.

Some fans who recognized the man approached him while he was walking and he agreed to take some pictures with them.

That is why if you do not know the father of the British then we will tell you everything you need to know about the “New boyfriend from Mexico”.

Dukagjin Lipa, who is also known as Dugi, was naturalized as British although he was born in Pristina, Kosovo. Besides Dua he also has two other children: Gjin and Rina.

The singer's father came to Mexico (Photo: Ig dukagjinlipa)
The singer’s father came to Mexico (Photo: Ig dukagjinlipa)

The 53-year-old man is characterized by using his social networks to share the hits of the singer of New Rules and celebrate all the achievements that their other children have. Furthermore, it is the founder and CEO of an agency called REPUBLIKA Communications Agency and serves as director of the Sunny Hill festival.

Dua Lipa’s father often accompanies the British singer during her international tours and from her stories of Instagram share the most representative moments of the presentations.

But, without a doubt, what has captivated Internet users the most is the physique of the man, who does not hesitate to share from time to time one or another photograph on his social networks enjoying placid moments in various parts of the world.

Thus, comments like: “Hot daddy”. “As you have it, as it smells you, just like that.” “Papasoteeee” or “How handsome” they are not missing in their publications.

Dua Lipa's father is quite active on social media (Photo: Ig dukagjinlipa)
Dua Lipa’s father is quite active on social media (Photo: Ig dukagjinlipa)

During her recent presentation in Mexico, Dua Lipa did not hesitate to speak Spanish for her fans, which left the audience very surprised and they acclaimed her for her fluency with the language.

“I want to say many things, but my spanish is not perfect, I love you and tonight I’m going to try for you. Thank you, I love you very much Mexico, OK We are going to enjoy the show”, he is heard saying in some videos that circulate on social networks.

Once again, her followers exploded and were grateful that the British artist has made an effort to speak in this language.


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This is what Dua Lipa’s attractive father looks like, who stole sighs on social networks

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