This is Valeria Gómez, the Bellea del Foc infantile fan of Rosalía

Very fan of Rosalía and Aitana, the Bellea del Foc Infantil Valeria Gómez enjoys the afternoon of photos for El Español at the Teatro Principal in Alicante. Like her adult companions, this is the place where the return of the holidays after a three-year break is celebrated.

They are the happy days represented by the girls who participate with this position in the party, a position that was created in 1945 for the first time but that would have continuity from 1961. Fifth grade student at the Pedro Herrero Medical School in Ciudad de Asís and representative of Baver Els Antigons, the emptiness without parties of this time has been a very long parenthesis for an eleven-year-old girl , just completed.

“When they told me that all the events were canceled due to this pandemic, I was very sad,” she recalls of that 2020 in which she was already a candidate, “because I wanted to enjoy the moments of the party with my colleagues and we had to wait.” With Marina Niceto, the adult Bellea del Foc, now she assures that she is having a great time since they were elected last year to resume the necessary cycle of fire in the city. “She is like my older sister,” she tells calmly in the interview, “and we have taken it with great enthusiasm.”

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Almost the same calm that I felt before being chosen “because, the truth, I did not expect anything.” And that is why she assures that the rest of the child candidates had more possibilities than her to convince the jury, so he did not imagine that he would be showing his face for the little ones at the party.

That sensation of shock that he had in the bullring when his name was announced It has totally changed towards the rigor with which it is handled to attend, for example, to the media or to participate in the different protocol acts that correspond to the Belleas del Foc. Especially when he has had a year to train and get to know the framework that supports the tradition of the Bonfires of San Juan.

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Their experience at Baver Els Antigons, when I was already visiting other sister festivals such as those of the Magdalena in Castellón and the Fallas in Valencia, has now earned him his position. “I have traveled quite a bit in our Community,” she says. And that small role that she played before as an ambassador within her commission now has more responsibility as Bellea del Foc.

A task that he applies in his day-to-day life at school, where he has been encouraging their classmates to learn what it means to keep tradition alive from a town. And an easy example of this is spreading enthusiasm for the Bonfires in Schools contest or for the mascletàs.

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Rosalía’s energy in the songs of mommy o Aitana, in her collaboration with Zzoilo, maintains it when she participates with the bridesmaids in the photos. And also in official acts, as she already demonstrated in the return to activity that Zaragoza entailed. From there, she still remembers that it rained more than expected, just like this Tuesday and it has prevented her from going out in the parade.

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This is Valeria Gómez, the Bellea del Foc infantile fan of Rosalía

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