This is how Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour began

After years of postponement due to the pandemic Covid-19the tour the Justice World Tourfrom Justin Bieber started yesterday in San Diego, California, United States, as planned.

Formerly known as The Changes Tour Y The Justin Bieber World Tour, Justice It is the fourth concert tour of the Canadian singer, which had to be delayed due to the pandemic, being in March 2020 that they announced its temporary cancellation.

It wasn’t until April 2021, that Bieber announced that the tour would be postponed until 2022, and in November of the same year he announced a massive 98-date world tour that runs through late 2022 and early 2023.

This tour was launched in support of their fifth and sixth studio albums, Changes (2020) and Justice (2021), both of which were huge successes globally.

It is worth mentioning that the participation of other singers such as Kehlani and Jaden Smith were scheduled to perform as support acts in North America, but were eliminated after the tour was rescheduled.

Thus, on February 18, the massive tour began from the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, something that was highly shared and supported in networks almost immediately, since thousands of fans around the world lived with the uncertainty of how epic would be the opening concert.

It was so that numerous Twitter users shared from the beginning and every detail of this long-awaited moment.

Starting with a mysterious black curtain that hid all the surprises that San Diegans would soon see.

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Shortly after, a large stage appears with a presentation projected throughout the arena and Justin Bieber appears, something that filled the moment with shouts and applause.

This is how he started his hits like “Hold On”, “Peches” and “Deserve You”.

One of the most anticipated and emblematic songs was “Lonely”, which was supported with small white sheets that said “We never left” something that would not be the first time, since it is an allusion that he returned and his fans “never left ».

In the middle of the concert, Justin Bieber paused both for a break and a drink of water and to dedicate a message to all his fans, a speech that raised the spirits of the arena.

I talk about the insecurities that many suffer and call them to have strength and let them know that they are never alone in the face of this, thus encouraging all his followers who are having a bad time in their lives to get ahead.

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Finally and as the “cherry on the cake” a great detail that culminated the night of his presentation was the tender detail that Justin made to his wife Hailey, something that won many hearts and that stood out so much on social networks.

While he sang “Anyone” and as is well known it is the song he dedicated to him, photos of Hailey and the two of them together were projected all over the stage.

Without a doubt, something that left everyone with a pleasant taste in their mouths because with this he said goodbye to San Diego to continue with the next concert in Las Vegas on February 20.


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This is how Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour began

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