They prepare doctor Simi stuffed animals with the appearance of Dua Lipa; They are baptized as ‘Simi Lipas’

that the concert that the singer will give Dua Lipa this Wednesday at the Foro Sol has caused a stir, for being an international star.

While yesterday she was seen walking around Mexico City, where she ate at the Contramar restaurant in the Roma neighborhood, fans They are already preparing the stuffed animals of Dr. Simi that they will throw at him at the concert.

This has happened with other artists such as Rosalía, Coldplay, Iron Maiden and even Cafe Tacuba, whose vocalist Rubén Albarrán decided to behead.

Even at the wreath to Queen Elizabeth II in Edinburgh a doll of Dr. Simi was placed.

Social media users shared some images of the dolls that will launch to the interpreter of Love Again.

For now, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Arturo Zaldivarspoke about the controversy that has been sparked by the release of stuffed Dr. Simi dolls during concerts.

Through a 17-second video posted on the TikTok platform, apparently recorded in his office at the supreme courtthe head of the Federal Judiciary Council explained that it is not illegal to launch toys to the artists, however, he issued the following warning:

“I suggest that you respect the corresponding regulations, that you do not throw it in someone’s face and above all that you do not write hate messages,” said the minister.

The video includes footage from a concert by the Spanish singer Rosaliain which he received a veritable shower of stuffed animals from dr simias part of his “Motomami Tour”, to present the album of the same name.

The tradition of launching these teddies at the concerts of international artists it was born last year at the concert of the Norwegian singer Aurora, to whom a girl sent it as a gift.

From that moment they have been seen in other concerts such as those of Coldplay. Rammstein fans have even asked that these kinds of dolls not be thrown at the artists, at the concert they will give in October in our country, because they could alter the show.

Ramstein He has three dates in Mexico during his next North American tour – October 1, 2 and 4 – for which all the tickets are already sold out.

It is presumed that the metal group is documenting the best moments of the concerts to later present a DVD of his tour, for this reason, Rammstein fans made the request not to release the stuffed toy of the figure of Dr. Simi.

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Coffee Tacvbaone of the most famous Mexican bands, was recognized on stage with the fashion doll, Dr. Simi during a successful tour of European cities.

However, unlike other artists who have embraced stuffed animals and treasured them as another token from the public, Rubén Albarrán ripped his head off and smashed it.

In another video, it can be seen that the public was divided by his reaction. some do supportedbut many attendees claimed the action.

Rubén Albarrán said that he “hates” Dr. Simi, apologized and thanked him for the gesture, but he still tore him to pieces. “I couldn’t do it to the queen but I could do it to Dr. Simi,” he said.

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They prepare doctor Simi stuffed animals with the appearance of Dua Lipa; They are baptized as ‘Simi Lipas’

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