They create a “Rosalía” brand nail salon and a surprising design

  • Currently, around 1.23 million users connect to TikTok every month, these being over 18 years of age.

  • According to a recent report, more than 50 percent of tiktokers today are between the ages of 18 and 24.

  • In 2020, the app has been reported to have collected two billion downloads on the AppStore and Play Store.

The creativity of a designer and tiktoker has reached the point of creating what could be the “Rosalía” brand nail salonthe singer who has won over the new generations with songs like “La Noche de Anoche”, “La Fama”, among others.

The growth of TikTok is, today, undeniable, one of the platforms that, ultimately, were winners during the pandemic. In fact, by the middle of last year, the Chinese social network finally managed to overcome the barrier of one billion users, an achievement that was achieved after only five years of existence.

On the other hand, according to Sensor Towerin 2020, the year of the global confinement that was experienced due to the health emergency, the platform developed by ByteDance accumulated two billion downloads in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Currently, when we talk about TikTok, we are talking about one of the essential social networks not only for brands, but also for users and, above all, for the new generations, which are the ones that have driven the rise of the platform.

Taking these data into account, it is clear that Tiktok is no longer a social network for uploading videos, but rather a showcase through which brands can connect with young people. the so-called Generation Z, and attract a new niche of consumers who interact every day.

This would be the nail salon brand “Rosalía”

Currently, On TikTok, according to WeCreate, 52.8 percent of creators are between the ages of 18 and 24 and one of those who, in Mexico, has attracted attention is a young designer who, as part of his line of content, uses various viral personalities to create brands of all kinds (perfumes, airlines, tequila, etc.).

In one of his most recent videos, Ernesto Serna Reyes (as he calls himself on the Chinese social network), took Spanish singer Rosalía as his inspiration.who designed what would be the artist’s nail salon.


Reply to @ell3nwsa Tag @La Rosalia if you liked the #graphic design #rosalia #larosalia #spite #logo #logos #Logo

? original sound – Ernesto Serna Reyes

So far, the clip It has accumulated just over 11,000 views, in addition to several comments, but, as with other of his videos, what draws attention is the user’s creativity.

Now, this type of content can work quite well as unpaid advertising, and inventions like these have significant potential to be exploited by brands in order to, through a creative way, attract the attention of users.

And it is that, today, thanks to the virality offered by social networks, it is possible to access uncommon or “curious” storiesand examples of this inhabit many in each of the available platforms.

From this perspective, Oxxo has an initiative called #OxxoFanArt, where users make all kinds of content inspired by the brand. One of the cases that drew attention was the creation of a poem by a user.

In the end, social networks are also a space to share all kinds of experiences, especially in a context where TikTok is experiencing significant growth.

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They create a “Rosalía” brand nail salon and a surprising design

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