These forgotten star romances. Episode 3: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

It was when ?

From early June to early September 2016.

How did they end up together?

On May 2, 2016, during the MET gala, Taylor Swift26 years old, and Tom Hiddleston, 35, get to know and sympathize. And a little more. Under the amazed gaze of the other guests, as if they were alone in the world, they launch into a frenzied dance. Between them, the chemistry is obvious and the fans quickly begin to dream of a romance between the singer and the actor… The interpreter of Bad Blood has been in a relationship for just over a year with the Scottish DJ calvin harris ? So what ?

A month later, as if by chance, we learned that the couple separated: “It happened calmly. Sometimes it doesn’t work. No one deceived anyone”, says a relative. And if a friend of Taylor confides that she matters “stay single for a while” to take time for herself and enjoy her friends, only a few days pass before the paparazzi surprise Taylor in charming company: that of Tom. Even more incredible, the fan fiction written by a Swifty almost two years ago becomes reality. Hiddleswift was born!

How did they behave?

The paparazzi have a field day. Taylor and Tom are very demonstrative, they barely hide from the paparazzi (not even at all). They are first spotted on a beach in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, where the singer has a pied-à-terre. We “surprise” them hand in hand, then kissing at the edge of the water, on a rock. They are inseparabledo nothing without each other, travel to the four corners of the world: their arrival at Sydney airport in Australia, where Tom is expected on the set of Thor: Ragnarok is absolutely followed live on news channels!

A love story too much

In short, it’s love in good shape, Tom meets Taylor’s parents, Taylor meets Tom’s parents, we fantasize about marriage and babies… For the little fiesta that Taylor Swift organizes every year for Independence Day (the American national holiday) in his house in Rhode Island, Tom Hiddleston is obviously present. With the small band at Taylor. There is Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid or even Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. And then there is this awkward moment where the interpreter of Loki is surprised wearing a very pretty “I love TS” tank top at the beach… And a (fake) tattoo with a “T” inside a heart on the arm. How cute.

How did the fans react?

It’s a beautiful novel, it’s a beautiful story… But everyone thinks it’s going a little too fast. Are surprised that they make tons. Especially Tom who, until then, was discretion incarnate and took care to make his sentimental life his secret garden.

When did they break up?

In early September 2016, we learn that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston prefer stop to their relationship. The reason ? The actor wanted to live their love to the full, no longer depend only on the paparazzi but formalize their relationship properly, at the Emmy Awards for example. Which Taylor refused. Contrary to what we thought, she does not want her private life to be exposed in public.

And after ?

Tom Hiddleston has become suspicious again. And reluctant to talk about his loves. It is necessary to wait three years before the actor falls in love again. The lucky winner is the actress Zawe Ashton to which he replied in the play Betrayalby Harold Pinter (Betrayals, in VF) on the boards of West East in London. A discreet, secretive couple – but who are going to get married and have a baby. As for Taylor, a few weeks after leaving Tom, she met a colleague and compatriot of her ex, Joe Alwyn. A discreet, secretive couple – and who may soon be getting married.


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These forgotten star romances. Episode 3: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

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