These are the concerts (and the orchestras) of the Córdoba Fair 2022

Cordova recover this year May Fair and with it the concerts of the Fair with big three On the bill: Fito & Fitipaldis, Paco Candela and Melendi.

The Teatro de la Axerquía and the Plaza de Toros will be the setting for these musical events that will provide the soundtrack to the party away from the fairgrounds, where the traditional orchestras will be in charge of animating the public.

Paco Candela

Paco Candela is going to recover Córdoba where he left it at the 2019 Fair, at the Axerquía Theater. And it turns out that he is the only great artist who repeats since the last edition of the pre-pandemic party, an honor well earned for the success it achieved that year with its eclectic repertoire between flamenco and flamencobetween sevillanas and the hardest cantes, between fandago and buleríam going through some great song by Triana… With only one limit: Paco Candela only sings what he likes to sing, and that’s how it has been in the 12 works published up to 2019 , to his iconic album Purebred Soul.

Thus, Paco Candela returns to La Axerquía as if nothing had happened here in two years, when he made the aforementioned work Alma de Pura Raza count, but accompanied by a recent album in which its own title seems to acknowledge that, however, of everything: Walk through the eternal, and all this after in 2021 he had been nominated twice for the Odeón de la Música awards (Best flamenco artist and Best flamenco album) and the Latin Grammys (Best flamenco music album).

Paco Candle.

And about it, your walk through the eternal It is made up of 14 songs linked to the life of the artist, some of them that he heard as a child and sang internalizing it in his own way, and that were released in December 2021, also with the support of Candelarte Records. It is a tribute and a review of those “eternal” songs, his and everyone’s, which have been performed by great artists (and there is nothing seeing the list) such as Alameda, Junco, Rocío Jurado, Los Chichos, Triana, Raphael or Pepe Paint, among others.


Friday May 20

10:00 p.m.


Melendi is another of the greats who have subscribed to perform in Córdoba as soon as possible (and in the case of the pandemic, as soon as they leave us) and who will occupy the stages of the Teatro de la Axerquía on May 21, within the tour likes and scars tourwhich will include tracks from their latest album of the same name.

Together with Paco Candela, Melendi is one of the artists who repeat in Córdoba immediately after 2019 and after the sindio of the pandemic, if not at the Nuestra Señora de la Salud Fair itself, yes after having surprised with his art and self-confidence theater of La Axerquía in October 2019, coming to sing a song in the middle of the public or letting some followers (especially female followers) do the choirs at peak moments of the repertoire. Memorable. It was noted that Melendi enjoyed himself like a child and it was even more noticeable that the public also had a great time.


Melendi started his current tour in Alicante, on May 14, before coming to Córdoba, from here to cover almost the entire national geography and end with three performances in Mexico, if old incidents in transoceanic flights of the artist are forgotten and that Internet search engines continue to insistently remember. Fame stuff.

In Córdoba it remains to be seen how the Asturian artist will tackle solo (surely superbly, that’s why Melendi has been Melendi since his debut in 2001 and after ten albums) themes from his latest work, which he already previewed in July 2021 with La bocajunta. , in collaboration with the Venezuelan duo Mau y Ricky, or in September of last year with his other advance single (Simplemente dilo), in the company of Miriam Rodríguez.


Saturday May 21

10:00 p.m.

Fito & Fitipaldis

Adolfo Fito Cabrales is a gig worker. Perhaps the best that Spain has known in recent decades. He is not one of those who record and disappear (something that does not have much performance either in this age of piracy and internet platforms), but beyond the fact that live music is the lifeline for artists in these times, Fito is one of those who leave the studio with clear ideas to get their rock to the people. For this reason, like the hotel industry or travel agencies, Fito is on that list of the great victims of this pandemic, whose restrictions prevented concerts.

Furthermore, Fito always includes Córdoba on his tours, where he has unconditional followers who fill any venue that the Bilbao native proposes. It is not for less because many of his songs are hymns, sometimes collective, but always personal: The fish lives through the mouth, I would be wrong again, Before I count ten, Sailor Soldier… And about his love for Córdoba is already more than proven: for example, by closing the Guitar Festival in 2013, at La Axerquía, where he already said that he had no plans to “live off the income” from the success of his past albums; or in 2015 in the bullring, or in 2018 on his tour 20 years, twenty cities…

Fito concert in the Plaza de Toros de Córdoba AJ GONZALEZ

Far behind was the stage of Fito de Platero y tú, his vital mistakes that destroyed him (the priceless interviews that Carmen Lozano has had the opportunity to do with him in Diario CÓRDOBA in recent times) and from which the singer found redemption in the same rock. Or the creation of his band, Los Fitipaldis, in 1998. Because there is redemption. In fact, next year, Fito & Fitipaldis will celebrate their silver anniversary. In between are A closed door (1998), Crazy dreams (2001), The furthest by your side (2003), I live to tell (2004), The fish lives through the mouth (2006), Duos, trios and others. perversions (2007) or Before I count ten (2009). Although he has not lacked moments of fatigue and slump (for example in 2013), from which he soon fled forward with, precisely, Fleeing with me from me (2014).

This year, the Los Califas bullring once again welcomes Fito (with Morgan as guest band), singing some of his usual songs and incorporating new ones from his seventh studio album, produced by Carlos Raya: Cada vez cadaver tour, the result of overcoming one of his cyclical creative crises. “I must be the only artist who admits having them,” he recently joked with the media talking about his latest work.

And of course it must be a joke, since on his tour he brought together last weekend, in Madrid, at the WiZink Center, for the first time in many months in Europe and on two consecutive days, 15,000 unconditional fans in each one of those two sessions.

That’s how heated up his tour to Córdoba is by this artist with those crises so typical of every good worker who knows he’s good at working on his subject, which in Fito’s case is rock.


Saturday May 27

10:00 p.m.

Orchestras: the show continues

Two years of hiatus due to pandemic restrictions. There are artists who have made a living during this period by returning to construction, preparing oppositions… and this without any help for such a minority and always ignored sector of SMEs, small companies that have gone to waste after months and months without billing, lack of elements for the team due to the supply crisis… However, as the saying goes, “the show must go on”.

The orchestras return to El Arenal.

That is the reality that bands and orchestras from Cordoba have found, some as classic and essential in the Cordoba Fair as the Banda Sureña (the dean, with four decades of road behind them) Fusion or Arco Iris, great projects annuals that could not risk more economically nor have they had time to give the quality that they demand of themselves in their repertoires, although without ruling out returning with all their strength in 2023. Chema Cantón, from the TOP Association, recently made it clearer in CÓRDOBA of Professional Orchestras, who after speaking of “psychological damage”, not only in the public, but in “those of us who have spent our lives on stage entertaining people in popular celebrations”, sentenced the representative of the orchestras. Perhaps that is why this year the applause has won even more (keep it in mind when you enjoy them) the formations that will go up to the different stages of the Fair, such as those that will perform in the Municipal Booth, starting on Saturday 21 with the Wolf Star Band (at midnight); and continuing on Wednesday 25, with Rumba Stereo and its tribute to the rumba of the 80s (2:30 p.m.), 12 Pulgadas (4:00 p.m.), The New Wave (10:30 p.m.) and Felipe Covers (11:00 p.m.); on Thursday, with Orquesta Isayra (10:00 p.m.) and Tocata (11:30 p.m.); on Friday 27, with Orquesta Tangai (9:00 p.m.) and Rockopop (11:00 p.m.), and on Saturday 28, with La Divina Orquesta, at 10:30 p.m.

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These are the concerts (and the orchestras) of the Córdoba Fair 2022

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