These are the 6 most viewed videos of Eminem’s career

Although there have been certain ups and downs in his career, as in that of any artist who has been in the business for decades, the truth is that Eminem is a complete and utter living rap legend. In fact, he has had such a commercial success, which is sometimes unfairly undervalued. That he is a rapper known to everyone, including those who do not listen to hip hop, and that he is white, has confused many throughout his long career.

But anyone who knows the least bit (perhaps this doesn’t apply to Benzino, his enemy for too long) recognizes that the ability of the detroit to write rhymes and spit them out is beyond question. Beyond that (which is the basis of his talent) his career is full of outstanding and remarkable albums, and even those that we could describe as less great have songs and moments that show that his magic for the genre is above average. .

Logically, the impact of Slim Shady is noticeable in his reproductions in Youtube, achieving figures of infarction and to which not many come close. That is why, with that wonderful reason as an excuse, we would like to list the most viewed videos of Eminem and analyze context, impact and history each.

Eminem’s most viewed videos and what you need to know about each one

6. “When I’m Gone” (905 million)

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A single that was released in 2005, taken from the album ‘Curtain Call: The Hits’, reached number 8 on the US charts, number one in Australia and number 4 in the UK, staying in the Top Ten for ten weeks. Although Em has released hits that have reached higher than their release date, the truth is that «When I’m Gone» has become an inescapable classic over the years, improving over time like good wine. Slim Shady raps about about obligations, about being a father, about loneliness, about the failure of his marriage and about the inherent difficulty of being a star and having to deal with the rest of the responsibilities.

Eminem is able to get everyone (especially those who are parents) empathize with his message, diluting his unattainable status and managing, once again, to reach universal themes. The song not only has a good amount of reproductions, but many of these are from people who listen to it and again and to which the theme reaches the soul, the most complicated and the reason for much of the music.

Among the most viewed videos of Eminem included in this list, it is the only one that has less than 1,000 million reproductions.

5. ‘Rap God’ (1.287 million)

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The third single from ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’the continuation of the iconic work of Eminem and which was released in 2013. A theme that appears in the book Guinness World Records for being the hit with the highest use of words, with a total of 1560. The one from Detroit mentions some of his past conflicts, the milestones of his career and the criticism he received and uses it as an excuse to demonstrate -again- his unusual ability to rap.

References to the classic horror film stand out in the clip. “Hellraiser” (today turned into an eternal saga) and also others like “Matrix” or “The Walking Dead” series. Eminem asserts himself as the god of rap at a time when he was coming of age and was questioned by some. The rapper returned to be crowned he alone and the greatest proof are his almost 1,300 million reproductions.

4. ‘Lose Yourself’ (1,331 million, between its official channel and an unofficial video of “8 Millas”)

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A wonderful single that served in a remarkable way to promote the film “8 Mile” and that ended up becoming one of the motivational hymns par excellence in the history of rap, if not the history of music in general. The same rapper has commented on numerous occasions that he wrote it in the same recording set of the feature film, in fact, he recorded it in a portable studio while shooting the successful film directed by Curtis Hanson .

It is one of the -many- Eminem songs that have had a global success that goes far beyond rap fans and, curiously, the clip of the song with the most reproductions is not uploaded to the rapper’s channel or to his record company. The theme includes real basses and specific moments with electric guitar and went number one for 12 weeks in the United States and Australia, also achieving great success in most of the rest of the world.

3. ‘Without Me’ (1.407 million)

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Another theme that today has become a symbol of the times and a timeless classic. Released in 2002 as the first single from the wonderful album ‘The Eminem Show’. At the time it was the song most successful of his career, achieving number in Australia, United Kingdom or New Zealand, in 2013 it was included in the soundtrack of the film “Gru: Despicable Me” .

Eminem once again demonstrates his special rapping and storytelling skills on a clearly fast-tempo beat commercial and accessible. It is the third of the most watched videos of Eminem, it followed the usual line of the rapper at that time, between talent, easy criticism, appearances by dr dre and easy humor. As a detail and anecdote to say that the girl who appears in bed with Eminem is the legend of porn Jenna Jamesson.

2. ‘Not Afraid’ (1.644 million)

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The first single from ‘restore’the album that the artist released in 2010. It was number one on Billboard and won a grammys in 2011 for best rap song. Another motivational song and far from the usual Shady comedy. A deep letter and in which we elucidate the light, the victory of it to the addictions and a kind of catharsis and self exorcism in which the rapper seems to free himself.

‘Not Afraid’ once again manages to empathize with the listener, demonstrating Eminem’s courage, capable of making songs of hesitation and competition at the highest level, but also of undress emotionally. The video is recorded in Newark (New Jersey) and in it we can see Eminem walking through the streets as if he were some kind of super hero. We noticed the influence on the video of the cinematographic universe Marvelwhich at that time was beginning to dominate cinemas around the world.

1. ‘Love The Way You Lie’ ft. Rihanna ($2.398 million)

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The second single from ‘Recovery’ and one of Em’s most notorious and successful songs, also from Barbados. By far, it is the first of Eminem’s most viewed videos. A hardcore base (produced by Alex da Kid) that contrasts with the chorus of Rihanna, written by Skylar Grey. It was number one in nothing more and nothing less than 23 countriesbeing the United States the country in which it lasted the longest at the top.

Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan star in a video that caused a stir in its day, especially for the explicit references to violence domestic. Eminem wrote the lyrics inspired by his stormy relationship with Kim Mathers, his ex-wife.

The music clip was directed by the ever-remarkable Joseph Kahn, film and video director for artists such as Mariah Carey, TLC, Destiny’s Child, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Janet Jackson.

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These are the 6 most viewed videos of Eminem’s career

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