The Young and the Restless in advance: the summary of the episodes from Monday 12 to Friday 16 September 2022 [SPOILERS]

Next week in The Young and the Restless at 11 a.m. on TF1, Chelsea is in bad shape, the Abbotts receive shocking news, Nick gets involved in politics and William’s behavior worries Victoria…

Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episodes of The Young and the Restless broadcast during the week of Monday September 12 to Friday September 16 on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Chelsea are in great danger

Chelsea loses all of Calvin’s fortune! Simon doesn’t know and gives her 48 hours to give it to him. To help their friend, Kevin and Chloe pretend to be federal agents to scare Simon away… but he isn’t fooled. Enraged, he now threatens to lash out at Connor, which terrifies Chelsea.

She somehow manages to convince Adam to take their son away from Genoa City, without revealing anything to him. He accepts but remains suspicious. For her part, Phyllis decides to do without Adam’s money. She also spies on Chelsea through Greater Phoenix surveillance footage.

Theo is indeed an Abbott

To Kyle’s chagrin, a DNA test proves that Theo is indeed Dina’s grandson and therefore an heir to the Abbott clan. The young man asks to meet his hidden grandmother. In front of him and hearing the name of the Vanderways, the old lady with Alzheimer’s disease reacts.

Dina confuses him with Eric, Theo’s father whom she had abandoned at birth. She is upset but he reassures her by playing the role of Eric: Theo tells her that he had a good life. Kyle and Lola argue over Theo’s behavior as Jack plans a first family reunion with him.

This moment is very awkward and the main interested party hesitates to try to be part of the Abbotts or to leave. Theo has a vision of his father. The apparition assures him that he is a good man… This opinion is not shared by everyone because William warns Kyle that Theo is necessarily a threat to them.

Devon found Tucker

Victoria worries when she sees William’s disproportionate anger at Devon ceding Katherine’s inheritance to Cane. Neil’s son has just returned from Thailand. There, he confronted Tucker asking why he forged Mrs. Chancellor’s will. The businessman then assured him that he did nothing…

Sharon and Rey get to know each other more and more and spend pleasant romantic moments together. Nick decides to run for City Council in Genoa City. Nikki refuses to run his campaign because she fears it will do him a disservice.

Amanda caught up in her past

Nate asks Amanda to defend him so he doesn’t lose his medical license. She shows unfailing support and she convinces Victor to assume his responsibilities. Nikki’s husband soon decides to find out about the lawyer.

Finally, Elena announces that Jett does not have cancer. Mariah and Tessa celebrate their year of dating while Amanda feels like she’s being followed. She manages to track down the individual watching her. This person is an old acquaintance that she is not at all happy to see again…

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The Young and the Restless in advance: the summary of the episodes from Monday 12 to Friday 16 September 2022 [SPOILERS]

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