The Wheel of Time: Criminal Minds actor who is part of the new Amazon hit

The Wheel of Time is one of the recent successes of Amazon Prime Video and many well-known actors are part of it, such as a well-known star of the Criminal Minds series.

The Wheel of Time is making its mark as one of the biggest titles of the year in Amazon Prime Video. Show producer Rafe Judkins recently admitted that he asked David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the creators of Game of Thrones, for advice on how to adapt a preset fantasy world.

The Wheel of Time the new success of Amazon Prime Video that has all fans alert

season 1 of The Wheel of Time has made some changes to the source material for smoother viewing, but its high production value and scenic Eastern European locations have proven highly watchable to new viewers for the first three episodes.

Book fans and new fans alike have entered the new wizarding world with great interest, as the Amazon show debuted earlier this month. One of those characters is played by daniel henneya plethora of interesting personalities in the fantasy series and with an emotional connection to the protagonist Moiraine that keeps viewers intrigued about the future of the show.

The 41-year-old actor is best known for his role on the popular procedural series Criminal Minds, iPortraying Matt Simmons on the show for 49 episodes between 2015 and 2020. Aside from his time on the crime series, Henney has appeared elsewhere as the voice of Tadashi in Disney’s Big Hero 6 and as the villainous Agent Zero in X. -Men Origins: Wolverine from 2009. Now in his new role, Daniel Henney has revealed that he was “scared” by the weight of his character in the new series of amazonThe Wheel of Time.

The Wheel of Time: Daniel Henney from Criminal Minds in the new Amazon series with an interesting role

Now, Henney delves into the world of fantasy in the new Amazon show, The Wheel of Time. The series, based on a series of novels by Robert Jordan, takes place in a mystical world where magic exists, but only a few have access to it. Rosamund Pike She plays Moiraine, part of the powerful group of sorceresses known as the Aes Sedai who are capable of using such magic. Daniel Henney stars alongside Pike as Lan Mandragoran, Moiraine’s loyal guardian.

daniel henney explained his fear of having such a prominent role in such a potentially popular franchise, the star added that it was “something that scared me quite a bit.” The actor discussed the responsibility of playing a character with a pre-established fanbase from the books, but said ultimately the fear was “by a choice to do it.”

“It was something I had been coveting for a while, a role like this… Lan is an incredibly inspiring and powerful character. He’s very different than the characters I’ve played in the past, I loved them so much… But he was definitely a step outside the box for me.”

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The Wheel of Time: Criminal Minds actor who is part of the new Amazon hit

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