The Weeknd, Lady Gaga or Don Diablo are some of the artists who have aged before because of music

That an artist becomes an old man in the video clip of some of his songs is nothing new in the music. On numerous occasions, we have seen our favorite artists in various video clips get older very fast. What is it usually due to?

The symbology of aging comes from the hand of time and artists use this theme in the vast majority of their music. But tell it to The Weekndwhich is the most recent case with gasolineincluded in his new album Dawn FM. But he has not been the only one. These are the other artists who have followed the aesthetics of aging in their video clips:

1. The Weeknd – Gasoline

The Weeknd surprised us at the beginning of January 2022 with the release of his new album,. Dawn FM. From that moment on, the Canadian only limited himself to publishing video clips of some of the songs on the album. One that caught a lot of attention was gasoline, where Abel Tesfaye fights against his old version. Does he want to symbolize the hard blows of life and that haunt you until the rest of your days?

2. Lady Gaga – Upper West Side 2063

In 2013, Lady Gaga presented in Saturday night Live a version of her as an old woman for the play Upper West Side 2063. The American played herself as an old woman after her long musical career. Kenan Thompson arrives at the artist’s home and does not recognize her. So she goes to great lengths to make the man try to remember her.

3. Don Diablo – Back To Life

Don diablo, one of the benchmarks of electronic music, also joined the clan of those aged before their time. In 2014, the artist released back to life along with a video clip where the DJ appears in his old version. He begins to remember the moments of him when he was a young Don Diablo. So he returns to recreate those moments giving a concert of pure electronics.

4. Tones and I – Dance Monkey

Tones and I also dared to age before his time in 2019 with dance-monkey, a theme that reached the top of the charts. And that the Australian told LOS40 that the song was only written so that her friends would listen to it. “I didn’t even think I could achieve something like this in Australia, let alone the rest of the world. It’s crazy,” she said.

5. Katy Perry – The One That Got Away

With The One That Got Away the old version of Katy Perry. Here, the singer wanted to play an old woman who nostalgically remembers a love affair with a painter, but after an argument she had an accident and died.

6. Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson – Best Song Ever

Niall Horan Y Louis Tomlinson they also aged a few years for the video clip of Best Song Ever from one direction. In 2013, the group surprised us with this hilarious clip in which Niall and Louis played tycoons from Hollywood. How to forget about them!

7. Lil Nas X – Holiday

In 2020, the rapper Lil Nas X He gave us his best version of an old man in the video clip of holidays, his single that told us what Christmas was going to be like in 200 years. It is clear that the artist was not going to lose the sensual and innovative essence of him in the clip…

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The Weeknd, Lady Gaga or Don Diablo are some of the artists who have aged before because of music

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