The Weeknd: His incredible song “Earned It” gave him confidence!

In an interview for Time, The Weeknd explained that his song “Earned it” helped him regain his confidence.

The Weeknd seems to feel that his track “Earned It” has some effect on his fans. But not only. Indeed, this song also allowed him to regain his self-confidence. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The Weeknd blown away by the talent of Ariana Grande

Last Sunday, May 1, Twitter ignited! And this, for the simple and good reason that the American producer Kenny Beats has decided to share his enthusiasm about the talent of women in the music industry in the United States.

For him, Ariana Grande is one of the best. ” Ariana Grande is amazing to compose voices, he then wrote on the social network at the blue bird.

But that’s not all ! Far from wanting to compliment only the wife of Dalton Gomez, the young man also highlighted the talents of Rosalia, King Princess or even Doja Cat.

Influential women in the musical universe. ” We need to talk more about women producers,” he shouted. Words that The Weeknd could only nod.

Without further ado, the latter therefore shared the message of the producer. And this, not forgetting to congratulate Ariana Grande. Blown away by the voice of the pretty brunette, the interpreter of the title “Save Your Tears” launched as follows: “ I saw Ariana working in real time. This woman is a beast on Pro Tools. »

A response that earned the artist thousands of likes and comments. And he wasn’t the only one to think that of the star. ID Labs, for its part, reacted to Kenny Beats’ post as follows:

Man, I recorded Ariana once and the speed at which she was going through the harmonies on location was unreal. I’m quick, but it was hard to keep up with the speed she was working at. MCE-TV tells you more about The Weeknd.

The Weeknd: his incredible song “Earned It” gave him confidence!

The artist reveals that his title Earned It gave him confidence

So you will understand, The Weeknd is under the spell by Ariana Grande. But if he knows how to recognize the talent of his colleagues, the artist is also able to recognize his own talent.

And if he does not like all his songs, there is one that he particularly appreciates. The reason ? This allowed him to regain his self-confidence.

I learned, I studied and I surrendered. I want the world to hear my music and see the movement my fans and I have created. »

This is what The Weeknd confided in an interview for Time magazine before giving more details on his title “Earned it”.

“I aroused people’s curiosity” he said. “I think the game changes with songs like ‘Earned It’ instead of me changing because ‘Earned It’ was so important. It was slow, it was sexy and it was smooth – all the features of my music. »

Earned It made people think I was my own hitmaker, and we see it again now with The Hills. It gave me confidence before I started connecting with the real hitmakers. » For The Weeknd” Earned it” is therefore a special song.

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The Weeknd: His incredible song “Earned It” gave him confidence!

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