The Weeknd explodes a new record on the Spotify platform!

At the start of 2023, records follow one another for the Canadian singer The Weeknd. He is the new king of Spotify!

Shortly after having broke Spotify stream record with his pipe “Blinding Lights”, The Weeknd adds a new grandiose record on his hunting board. Decidedly, nothing seems to stop him in his mad epic at the top of the musical world. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A brilliant start to the year for The Weeknd

The rise of singer The Weeknd is enough to make many stars in the industry pale. In the space of a few years, it has gone from revelation to planetary star thanks to his hit tracks like starboy, Save Your Tears or Blinding Lights. No doubt you have already heard them on the radio!

Over time, the Canadian artist has also carved out a place for himself among the most popular artists on Spotify. Be by the side of drake, justin bieber or Ed Sheeran on this very closed list, it is not given to everyone!

And with such popularity, The Weeknd also had the chance to participate in many ambitious projects. One thinks in particular of his collaboration on the movie soundtrack Avatar 2. A very nice feat!

In recent days, the Canadian artist has also continued his series of clips with that of “Is There Someone Else”. Like all the videos of his album Dawn FMit’s a real masterclass!

And inevitably, with such exposure to the media, the famous singer’s listening figures exploded on streaming platforms like Spotify. So much so that they come from elsewhere break a symbolic record… MCE TV tells you more!

A new monthly listener record on Spotify

We thought Ed Sheeran’s record almost unbeatable, with more than 82 million listeners per month on Spotify. And yet The Weeknd has just proved us the opposite, with a new brand that sets the bar very high!

Indeed, the Canadian artist has just surpassed the 95 million monthly listeners, and the figure could even increase in the days that follow. Can it reach 100 million? Only time will tell… In any case, we wish him all the harm!

With the end of year celebrations and the collaboration on the film Avatar 2 by James Cameron, the public therefore jostled on the Spotify profile of The Weeknd. Thereby, the numbers quickly skyrocketed until surpassing this masterful record. Statistics that make you dizzy!

In any case, such a feat proves the influence it has on streaming platforms. And at the same time, on the music industry. We remember in particular his controversial boycott of the Grammys ceremony, in favor of a fairer classification for artists. An action that probably did not go unnoticed!

After this umpteenth record, we wish him the best for this new year. But we are not worried about him, because we know that his exploits will follow one another in 2023! And one thing is certain: it is the undisputed new king of Spotify.

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The Weeknd explodes a new record on the Spotify platform!

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