The Voice: The Battles start by surprise in the latest Blind Auditions

The stage of the blind auditions of the 22nd season of The Voice have come to an end. Each team has 14 participants, so the trainers began to shape them for the next round: the Battles. The real competition begins and now the coaches will be able to exercise their role with full rights.

The teams are full of talent. There are youth and experienced artists, of all possible musical genres and singers of all kinds. Thanks to the addition of Camila Hair to the program, we have been able to witness that Latin Americans represent a large proportion of the fleet of participants for this season.

With the end of the auditions we were able to witness how new artists interpreted a song from the judges, Bam Bam in the case of Camila and Glory to John Legend. Speaking of which, the self-styled ‘king of the four chairs’ has done it again by keeping the last artist to turn them all. Gwen Stefani has gotten another young singer to help grow and Blake Shelton has gotten the singer-songwriter he wanted from her.

At the end of the auditions, the interpretation of the coaches from Havanaone of Camila’s greatest hits, to start off surprisingly with the round of Battles, with one of the first duets of the season.

So that you don’t miss anything, at WORLDWIDE we summarize the most important things that happened in the fifth chapter of the blind auditions in season 22 of The Voice:

Kim Cruse, Steven McMorran and Rowan Grace

Kim Cruse, 30. Daniel Caesar’s Best Part with HER John turned around very quickly, captivated by the distinctive timbre of Kim’s voice. the other three coaches they spun like dominoes as Cruse navigated the notes of his performance. Having spun all four chairs, Legend was desperate to have her on his team. Blake almost achieved something by connecting with the roots country this soul artistbut in the end he has decided on the Legend team.

Steven McMorran, 40. Never Enough by Loren Allred (The Greatest Showman). A father of a family residing in Nashville, Tennessee, who has had some success as a music composer country for big ones like Tim McGraw. But Steven’s life takes a turn when working with Michael Bolton himself, he tells him that his voice is too good to just make demos for artists. He decides to try his luck at pop musicwith a bestial rank and a peculiar timbre, a thick voice, for a song by a former participant. Camila was very interested and she was the only one to turn around.

Rowan Grace, 16. Traitor of Olivia Rodrigo. Gwen has been praying for a teenage girl to show up on stage to complete her team. Rowan is the answer to all her requests. A singer-songwriter who has done it all: a band, his own songs, drama at school. This artist wants to follow the path indie popsomething that Camila notices instantly and compares it with Olivia Rodrigo. John and Blake point out that despite Rowan’s youth she is very experienced, and Stefani recalls that she has succeeded with Carter Rubinso it is the chosen one.

Constance Howard, Justin Aaron, Jaeden Luke and Nia Skyfer

Constance Howard, 27. Justin Bieber’s Peaches. A 27-year-old teacher from Texas has barely impressed Camila by opening her mouth at her ringing, but John follows when, before chorus, Constance catches up. notes so high they belong in the whistle registerlike the ones Mariah Carey He tends to interpret so easily. The coaches they note some technical snags, but nothing to negate Howard’s talent. Camila manages to connect with the participant after revealing that she was also very shy when she was young, but that she has learned to let go, so Constance chooses her.

Justin Aaron, 34. Glory by John Legend. Justin grew up in a single mother home, who has pulled him through despite the fact that his father was never around. As an adult, he began to contact his father, with whom he consolidated a good relationship until he died in 2020 of covid-19. This singer from contemporary christian music (CCM) and gospel has decided to take the risk of singing a piece by John Legend, who has a bad habit of “over-analyzing” when an artist does. Gwen is stunned that no one has turned aside from herbut he appreciates it because Justin’s power and range.

Jaeden Luke, 22. Make It with You by Bread. All the coaches loved the song selection, especially Gwen, and needless to say, fell in love with the kind of artist Jaeden is, a singer-songwriter who mixes current music with the classics of the past. Camila and Stefani, with their full teams, regretted not having more spots for Jaeden, while he brought up that he was able to sing with John at a concert in Washington, but the EGOT winner didn’t pick him. Therefore, and because Blake’s index finger is very convincinghas decided to join the team of cowboy.

Nia Skyfer, 26. Camila Cabello’s Bam Bam with Ed Sheeran. A young native of Havana, Cuba, has the honor of being the last participant of the season. John had to ask Camila’s consent, who was delighted that someone sang her song, despite not being able to turn her chair. No one else could do it, so Legend pressed her button as Nia revealed her full potential, the “fire” that Cabello wanted that sent her hat flying mid-performance.

Who have not turned chairs?

Yelka20 years old, sang I have no more of Selena Quintanilla. She is a young Latina, her father is Mexican and her mother is Peruvian, so she is very involved with her Hispanic roots, but she has not been able to convince Camila. August James21 years old, sang Heart of Glass by Blondie. Blake noted that he felt the intensity of the performance made him believe she was having difficulty breathing, while Camila and John noted that they couldn’t understand his timbre or what direction he wants to go as an artist, at least vocally.

the battles begin

Surprisingly, because it had not been announced anywhere, the Battles round started on Monday. With 14 artists on each teamthe participants will face each other, seven couples per teamto sing a duet with the song their coaches assigned them. There will be seven winners, one stolen and one rescued for each teamso the pressure has been raised to the maximum.

This is also the debut of the advisors that the judging panel brought in to assist them during rehearsals with the contestants. Camila brought the pop superstar charlie puthGwen brought in Jamaican rapper Sean Paul, John signed award-winning soul/r&b artist Jazmine Sullivan, and Blake decided to sign up-and-coming country music star Jimmie Allen.

Tanner Fussel vs. Austin Montgomery. Team Blake. Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. Blake admits that the decision to pair these two singers is strange, one is more aligned to southern rock and the other to traditional country, but he assures that both will be able to take advantage of this iconic and old song that has a little bit of everything. On stage the two manage to merge their styles perfectly, to leave an intense and exciting battle, whose winner we will know on Tuesday.

That’s how the teams go

Team Blake: Kate Kalvach, Bryce Leatherwood, Kevin Hawkins, Brayden Lape, The Dryes, Madison Hughes, Tanner Fussell, Eva Ullman, Hillary Torchiana, Ansley Burns, Bodie, Austin Montgomery, Benny Weag and Jaeden Luke (two chairs).

Team Camila: Morgan Myles, Orlando Méndez, Reina Ley, Devix, Chello, Andrew Igbokidi, Ava Lynn Thuresson, Sasha Hurtado, Sydney Kronmiller, Eric Who, Zach Newbould, Grace Bello, Steven McMorran (a chair) and constance howard (two chairs).

Team Gwen: Ian Harrison, Jay Allen, Alyssa Witrado, Sadie Bass, Cara Brindisi, Julia Aslanli, Tanner Howe, Kayla von der Heide, Destiny Leigh, Kique, Daysia, Jillian Jordyn, Rowan Grace (three chairs) and justin aaron (a chair).

TeamJohn: Omar José Cardona, Emma Brooke, David Andrew, Peyton Aldrigde, Valerie Harding, Morgan Taylor, Parijita Bastola, The Marilynds (two chairs), SOLsong, Kara McKee, Lana Love, Dia Malai, Kim Cruse (four chairs) and Nia Skyfer (a chair). @worldwide

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The Voice: The Battles start by surprise in the latest Blind Auditions

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