The Voice: Camila Cabello rescues a participant from elimination

The Voice Season 22 battles are officially underway. After three weeks of blind auditions, the real competition begins as we find out who’s eliminated in a stage of must-see duets. This round usually brings out many surprises, so nothing is written.

It turns out that some contestants we met at the last night of auditions have had a chance to shine before. “The last will be the first”. In addition, this Tuesday marked the debut of the rescues this season, as a duet was so incredible that its coach, Camila Cabello, could not let go of any of her artists.

The night before there had been a mystery in the air. Surprisingly, the battles began with a duel of country/blues on Blake Shelton’s team, between young crooner Austin Montgomery and southern rocker Tanner Fusselto the beat of Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. Despite his impressive and passionate presentation, Austin has won and Tanner has gone home after no coach saved him from elimination.

In this episode it was the turn of Camila’s debut in the battles, as well as the first duets of the teams of John Legend and Gwen Stefani of the year. By the way, none of the three will continue on the show for the following seasonwell kelly clarkson returns and unite pop superstar Niall Horan and the young rapper Chance the Rapper. All this information is attached to Blake’s final season on The Voicewhich will be the next one, which will premiere in the spring of 2023.

So you don’t miss anything, at WORLDWIDE we summarize the most important things that happened in the first episode of the battles in season 22 of The Voice:

the battles begin

Jillian Jordyn vs. Rowan Grace. Team Gwen. Fingers Crossed by Lauren Spencer-Smith. The undefeated winner has decided to pair her two young indie pop singers for battles. In rehearsals with rapper Sean Paul, celebrities told them to be more mindful of the intent – ​​and emotions – they conveyed with their vocal choices. In the ring Jillian got off to a rocky, nervous start, though she managed to catch up with Rowan to wow everyone with an even and interesting performance. For the judges, Rowan is a little more prepared than her opponent, after praising her most emotional moments, so Stefani chooses her as her winner.

Valerie Harding vs. Dia Malai. TeamJohn. Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan. Legend brought together two of his r&b/soul artists for a “rogue” performance. For Valarie it was not easy, she is used to being the showgirl while someone else is in the spotlight. The pressure increases because her adviser turns out to be Jazmine Sullivan herself, the author of the song, who recommends them to get more into character. Dia dazzled the judges with her presence and command of the stage, while her opponent does the same vocally. John recognizes that in the end it’s all about “the voice” and that’s why he chooses Valarie.

Morgan Myles vs. Steven McMorran. Team Camila. Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball. The rookie trainer has decided to pair up two of her country artistswho despite having some success in Nashville, feel a throbbing pop vein. Camila decides to choose a song by former coach Miley, to have the best of both worlds. Both present a quite original arrangement of this song, with many influences of all kinds, which allows their voices to merge in a way that is truly pleasing to the ear.

Both Blake and John have assured that the winner had been Morgan, that the timbre of her voice and her ability to convey emotions, together with her “credibility” made her an excellent storyteller. Shelton went further by stating that the raspiness of her voice reminded him of bonnie tyler, tremendous compliment. As for Steven, his incredible range and thick timbre resonated with the judges. Camila has chosen Morgan, because she thinks that with her she can reach the final; nevertheless, has saved Steven from elimination at the last minute, because he considers that he has not yet exploited his full potential, so both advance to the Knockouts.

That’s how the teams go

Team Blake: Austin Montgomery.

To fight: Kate Kalvach, Bryce Leatherwood, Kevin Hawkins, Brayden Lape, The Dryes, Madison Hughes, Tanner Fussell, Eva Ullman, Hillary Torchiana, Ansley Burns, Bodie, Benny Weag, and Jaeden Luke.

Eliminated: Tanner Fussel.

Team Camila: Morgan Myles, Steve McMorran (rescue).

To fight: Orlando Méndez, Reina Ley, Devix, Chello, Andrew Igbokidi, Ava Lynn Thuresson, Sasha Hurtado, Sydney Kronmiller, Eric Who, Zach Newbould, Grace Bello and Constance Howard.

Eliminated: none yet.

Team Gwen: Rowan Grace.

To fight: Ian Harrison, Jay Allen, Alyssa Witrado, Sadie Bass, Cara Brindisi, Julia Aslanli, Tanner Howe, Kayla von der Heide, Destiny Leigh, Kique, Daysia, and Justin Aaron.

Eliminated: Jillian Jordyn.

Team John: Valarie Harding.

To fight: Omar José Cardona, Emma Brooke, David Andrew, Peyton Aldrigde, Morgan Taylor, Parijita Bastola, The Marilynds, SOLsong, Kara McKee, Lana Love, Dia Malai, Kim Cruse and Nia Skyfer.

Eliminated: Dia Malai. @worldwide

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The Voice: Camila Cabello rescues a participant from elimination

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