The Unicorn Village

Have you ever been to the Village québécois d’antan in Drummondville during Halloween?

It’s super trippy.

Each house is transformed into a haunted house, with sets, costumes, actors.

And blood.

A lot of blood.

As if Patrick Sénécal had written an episode of Beautiful stories from the pays d’en haut.

In which Séraphin ran after Donalda with a chainsaw, while Alexis Labranche decapitated Curé Labelle with dental floss.


In one of the haunted houses of the Village of yesteryear (called Hotel 31), horror, sex, sadism and depravity were mixed together.

A video showed a man and a woman having sex; an actress, topless, was playing with a sex toy and another actress, tied up, was being whipped (lightly) by an actor.

This special haunted house was for adults only. At the entrance, a person checked if you were of legal age and vaccinated.

Sorry – not vaccinated (the vaccine passport is not yet back, much to the chagrin of Éric Duhaime and his gang), but of legal age, yes. However, after complaints, Hotel 31 had to close its doors.

Sexism, vulgarity, blablabla.

I remind you that we are talking here about a haunted house of HALLOWEEN.

No Easter, with little pink bunnies and chocolate eggs.

Or Christmas, with a red-nosed grandfather who breaks into houses through the chimney and amazes the children with his big pocket.


Like in the movie of the same name.


Quiz question: have the people who complained to the organizers of the Village d’antan de Drummondville ever watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, hostel, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street ?

What do they do during Halloween?

They are looking Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts? By closing her eyes when she drinks wine?

Hey, I have an idea: why don’t we ask UQAM students to form a patrol that will walk the streets of big cities to approve each Halloween decoration?

Only models representing straight white men over the age of 50 can be hanged in trees!

“Hey sir, does the mannequin covered in blood lying in front of your house next to the pumpkins represent a straight white male over 50?

– Yes Yes of course ! Look, he’s wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt!

“But why is his head still attached to his body?” Behead him, damn it! Tear off his legs and arms! Let it be seen that he suffered! History that all non-binary and non-gendered children in the neighborhood understand the message!

And what is this witch? Don’t you know that witches are not monsters, but feminists who have been burned by representatives of the white patriarchy? »


An idea that a Facebook friend threw at me: next year, the owners of the Village d’antan should organize a Unicorn Village.

With actors dressed as characters from Teletubbies.

And music from Master key broadcast through loudspeakers.

“Brush, brush, brush / I brush my teeth / Those behind, those in front…”

That would be cool!

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The Unicorn Village

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