The Top of the basket: the NBA star failed Netflix and Adam Sandler for months

The top of the basket, a new film with Adam Sandler on Netflix, was very successful upon its release and it is the 4th most watched film currently on the platform in France. The actor and comedian has called on his favorite sport since he plays the role of a professional basketball researcher. The film also offers us the appearance of real players, like Juan Hernangomezwho initially admitted not wanting to participate in the production.

In an interview with Variety, the Spanish athlete who plays Bo Cruz in The top of the basket said his priority has always been his career as a professional basketball player. That’s why he was never attracted to other professions – including the possibility of being an actor in an Adam Sandler film.

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The basketball star refused for several months to star in the Netflix film

Juan Hernangómez has revealed that his agent tried for him to appear in the film before the pandemic but turned down the role at the time due to his sports career. “I was focused on basketball back then. I told her no for five months“, said the athlete of NBA (professional basketball league in North America), currently a player of the Utah Jazz, about his refusals.

Since then, the world has changed dramatically with the pandemic and he had to reconsider the initial offer to release a film with Adam Sandler on Netflix. He was not yet fully convinced of his participation, but the central theme of the story changed his perspective and made him venture as an actor.

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Now, with the Covid, basketball is over [qui a été paralysé pendant un moment] and I have nothing else to do. I was quarantined at my brother’s house and bored. It was my sister who pushed me to audition [de Jet Alto]. This is the only good thing covid has brought“, he recalled. Hernandez found in Adam Sandler a fun person with whom he created a good working relationship. It made the film directed by Jeremiah Zagar an enjoyable experience and, even if he does not plan to build an acting career, he says if there was another movie in the future with Sandler and Zagar, he would participate without thinking twice.”Right now I’m focused on basketball, but you never know. I will never say that I would do nothing. If Adam and Jeremiah called me, I sure would“, he concluded.

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What is the story of top of the basket on Netflix?

In The top of the basket, scout Stanley Beren (Sandler) is not having a good time in his career. Carrying out his work aimlessly, he no longer believes that he will be able to discover a new talent. But once fired, he has new hope. The recruiter is enthusiastic when he accidentally discovers the Spanish amateur player, Bo Cruz. Stanley meets him while playing in a park in the suburbs of Madrid. Now with a new purpose, Stanley is on a mission to prepare Bo for the NBA. Motivated to awaken in Bo all the passion and dedication necessary to stand out in this sport, the headhunter believes that together they can achieve very significant levels of success and make history.

The top of the basket is available on Netflix.

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The Top of the basket: the NBA star failed Netflix and Adam Sandler for months

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