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Yes friends. The restrictions for covid It seems that they have already passed into history, and that we finally have live music again. After the wait, surely we all understand how eager we are to take it. If, in addition, the rock hard festive is your thing, as is mine, you’re in luck, because in a week there will be two concerts with three groups to enjoy the beauty. In chronological order: HEAT, Shiraz Lane Y crashdiet. Almost nothing! In case you doubt whether to go or not, here I bring you two great songs from each band.

1653051890 428 The top 51 songs from the upcoming concerts according to“Nationwide”

Artist: HEAT
Album: Force Majeure (2022)
Authors: Jimmy Jay, Jona Tee, Don Crash, Dave Dalone, and Kenny Leckremo

There are changes in the formation. They were announced a long time ago, but the little bug It has slowed everything down. Personally I think that, as a voice, they have won (recovered), but a lot has to be done Kenny on stage, in terms of charisma and presence, to make forget to Erikbrand new singer of skid-row (what things, the one who wanted to dedicate himself to the other side of the business, has just released the debut of a group power with his former partner jona tee and now he is at the vocal controls of a classic).

“Nationwide”, the first single from the album due to be released on August 5th, is hard rock pure, with its expected turns, its melody reigning in style, its joy and its desire to jump. I thought it was a great theme, although far from others in the same group. What we have to ask ourselves is if on the 22nd they will play songs that we have not heard or if they will play classics of the band.

1653051891 908 The top 51 songs from the upcoming concerts according to“Beg Beg Beg”

Artist: HEAT
Album: Freedom Rock (2010)
Authors: Dave Dalone, Jona Tee, and Kenny Leckremo

I could have put a theme sung by Eriksome of his latest release to date, II, which for me was the best album of the year. However, I’m going back to 2010, when the new singer was the one from back then, to bring you one of my favorite songs. This “Beg Beg Beg” works very well as a conductor, but for some reason, the three times I’ve seen the group play it halfway, intermingling it with other songs in a medley that didn’t add up.

This is pure hard rock. Buenrollismo, rhythm, joy, the vasilasión, a chorus that does not come out even with hot water and a huge desire to enjoy. Of course, it cannot be missing from a group’s set list. Never. Under any concept.

1653051894 804 The top 51 songs from the upcoming concerts according to“Broken Into Pieces”

Artist: Shiraz Lane
Album: Broken Into Pieces (single) (2020)
Authors: Per Aldeheim and Jean Beauvoir

I met the group, curiously, opening for the group that precedes them in this topand I was so captivated that, in December, I did the review of the disc that there were months before. Not only that, but I voted it best album of the year. It was non-stop fun, joy and festivity. and the best thing is that they moved it perfectly to the stage. I was very pleasantly surprised.

For what has been said, this «Broken Into Pieces» leaves me a little strange. Not because it’s a bad topic, which it isn’t, but because the joy and fun I was talking about can’t be found anywhere. It’s supposed to be the single from what their next release should be, and I’m honestly very anxious to see how it all sounds: if they follow this more melodramatic line or go back to the original confetti. Be that as it may, those from Helsinki are a group to keep track of.

1653051895 286 The top 51 songs from the upcoming concerts according to“People Like Us”

Artist: Shiraz Lane
Album: Carnival Days (2018)
Authors: Hannes Kett, Jani Laine, Miki Kalske, Joel Alex, and Ana Willman

Here I bring you one of the topics that I liked the most of his Carnival Days. The ingredients that she said she longed for in the previous song are everywhere here: electricity, happiness, joy, arrangements jazzy wonderful and a good vibe beyond any doubt.

This time, in addition, they accompany the great music with a letter, a message, very necessary for this crazy world that we are creating. As they say, let’s sing with the rest of humanity and make the world more fun, more honest. Best.

1653051896 294 The top 51 songs from the upcoming concerts according to“Together Whatever”

Artist: Crashdiet
Album: Automaton (2022)
Authors: Gabriel Keyes, Martin Sweet, Peter London, and Eric Young

First single of his last, and warm, work, Automaton (2022), the main ingredients of the Nordic remain unchanged: attitude rocker, non-negotiable melody and festivity everywhere. It is also a tribute to Dave Lepardformer singer of the band who decided to take his own life in 2006.

I remember at the end of the last decade (or the previous one, the one that ends in 2009/2010) hearing a lot about them, that is, seeing that they already have a more than respectable track record (more than 20 years, as can be seen in the video clip ). And it’s sad to see that they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Be that as it may, on the 26th we will be supporting a group that deserves more.

1653051898 292 The top 51 songs from the upcoming concerts according to“rust”

Artist: Crashdiet
Album: rust (2019)
Authors: Gabriel Keyes, Martin Sweet, Peter London, and Eric Young

one of the first singles and title track of the album to which it belongs, «Rust» is a great download of sleazehard melodic or whatever you want to call it. I prefer to stay with rock. The theme also served as a launch of Gabriel Keyes to the voices of the group. On the subject he said the following in the chronicle:

The first and eponymous song, “Rust”, introduces us to the noise and thud of a double bass drum that has something of “Welcome to the Jungle” but with more weight. What makes this a great opening song is that for the fans from crashdiet continues right where they left off. This song is so perfectly in its sling that it flows effortlessly and could easily have been in Rest in Sleaze from 2005 or Generation Wild from 2010. However, there is the distinction to the core of this song and its message of persistence, determination and being the exception, not the rule when it comes to outshining the competition. The incorporation of the voices of Keyes rather Cross brings a note of darkness, depth and intensity in this and all the songs on the album.

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The top 5+1 songs from the upcoming concerts according to… Xavi Prat | Science of Noise – Rock Magazine

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