The Tarn river polluted by sewage

Incident at the Pratgraussals wastewater treatment plant in Albi.

During the night of Monday to Tuesday, around 3:30 a.m., a technical problem caused wastewater to be discharged directly into the Tarn river. To limit the health risks of this pollution episode, several measures have been taken by the Tarn Prefecture, in conjunction with the mayors and managers concerned. Among them, the temporary ban on swimming downstream from the resort, as far as Rabastens, The Aiguelèze leisure center, in the town of Rivière, was therefore deserted on Tuesday, no bathers, a heavy silence and disgruntled traders . This is the case of Alexis Bardon, manager of the Aqua Parc, who says he is poorly informed and has chosen not to welcome the public. This represents a big shortfall for his business, so he demands an explanation.

“It’s people’s health that is at stake so we’re not playing with that. We’ll see how long it lasts and what we do for the operating loss because it’s still quite significant, especially on that period. There is someone responsible somewhere, we will have to be told what happened.”

Alexis Bardon, manager of the Aqua Parc.

A desert bathing area at the Aiguelèze leisure center, in Rivière, this Tuesday

In the meantime, samples have been taken from the Tarn River and analyzes are in progress. The results will be known within 24 to 48 hours depending on the Prefecture. Depending on the sanitary state of the water, new decisions will be made to authorize swimming again or not.

Another measure taken by the Prefecture of Tarn, alerting the Intercommunal Drinking Water Supply Syndicate – SIAEP – of Gaillac as well as Véolia. Drinking water stocks have therefore been made and water treatments are in progress, in particular with chlorine, which could give a particular taste to tap water for a few days in the area. No health risks therefore according to François Vergnes, president of the SIAEP de Gaillac.

The other departments, downstream of the Pratgraussals wastewater treatment plant are also informed of the situation to take the necessary measures.

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The Tarn river polluted by sewage

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