The story of the only band that Kurt Cobain considered ‘the best in the world’

Nirvana’s leader was a faithful listener to a group that played with them in the early days.

Kurt Cobain, the leader of Nirvana, had a penchant for the poetic, the violent and lived for music and, before his band took off commercially, he had worked as a janitor at his old high school, too. he was homeless and lived under a bridge for a while.

In addition to his music, Cobain also drew and painted pictures; his art frequently incorporated themes of anorexia, death, and mental illnessall of whom Cobain flirted with at some point in his life.

In his worst days, Cobain was very malnourished, and although his height was 1.70 meters, he weighed between around 60 kilos. Of course, later in his life, Cobain became a known heroin user and intermittently struggled with his addiction.

Kurt Cobain in the mythical, MTv Unplugged of 1994.

​The Scottish band that accompanied Nirvana

Nirvana was active in the Seattle, Washington grunge music scene and toured with other similar rock particular with the Scottish group Teenage Fanclub.

The two toured together for a series of European dates around the time that Nirvana was promoting their first album, bleachfrom 1989.

‘We did the European leg of the Nirvana tour’never mind‘ in 1992, which was pandemonium and things like that don’t happen often,” said Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub.

We knew Nirvana from their Bleach days and they were still the same. They kept their feet on the ground; maybe overwhelmed by what was going on,” Blake said.

Nirvana. The band that became a generational brand.

Nirvana. The band that became a generational brand.

During this time, Nirvana started to get big little by little, mainly due to its great success “Smells Like Teen Spirit“. Blake continued remembering: “I have great memories of us hanging out in a playground eating ice cream, in Stockholm, after a sound check. Although Kurt [Cobain] I had some problems, in general I was happy.

The two gangs had a deep mutual respect for each other; Teenage Fanclub covered ‘About A Girl‘ from Nirvana.

“Kurt wore heavy eyeliner and had a real fan moment, and it was an incredible thing to witness,” Blake fondly recalls. “He had his problems and drug addiction issues, but behind it all was a young man from Aberdeen who loved music.He was friendly and enthusiastic and what I remember most about him is his charming smile.”

The “best band in the world” for Kurt Cobain

One of the most memorable moments involving both bands is when Cobain claimed that Teenage Fanclub was the “greatest band in the world”.

Kurt Cobain loved the Scottish band Teenage Fanclub.

Kurt Cobain loved the Scottish band Teenage Fanclub.

But we weren’t even his favorite Glasgow band. That was The VaselinesBlake said in response to this with the NME. This is probably proven, as Cobain sang a lot of Vaselines songs, more than Teenage Fanclub.

The short life of Nirvana

The Nirvana frontman was found dead on April 8, 1994, at the age of 28, at his home in Seattle, Washington state. The subsequent investigation determined that the suicide had been on April 5.

He had a revolver on his body and, in addition, according to the autopsy, high doses of heroin and tranquilizers.

The singer’s relationship with drugs, depressive cycles and suicide attempts were already a strong long-standing concern among his closest circle. Until he ended in the worst way.

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The story of the only band that Kurt Cobain considered ‘the best in the world’

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