The story of “Scorpion”: he was wanted for a brutal kidnapping with ransom in bitcoins and he fell for selling cocaine

“Scorpion” Ramos Paz after being detained by the PFA

Jesus Teodocio Ramos Pazbetter known as “scorpion”, He has the resume of a heavy gangster. Born in Peru, 41 years old and domiciled in a tenement house in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Pompeya, former employee of a pasta company and beneficiary of a Universal Assignment, he was arrested by the Department of Special Investigations of the Federal Police -which depends on the Superintendency of Federal Investigations- after seven raids in which a kilo of maximum purity cocaine, a couple of joint seedlings, a precision scale, firearms, cash, vehicles, cell phones were seized. and court elements for drugs.

A mule intercepted in Mar de Ajó in mid-2021 was the key to finding him. His phone was analyzed, which revealed that he was allegedly following the orders of Jesús Teodocio. So, they followed him and finally arrested him.

Thus, “Scorpion” was in charge of the Federal Court No. 3 of La Plata, in charge of the judge Alejo Ramos Padilla. However, the story did not end with the kilo of dust. A system check then revealed a surprise. In parallel, Ramos Paz was wanted by the Federal Court of Quilmes, in charge of Luis Armellawho had placed an arrest warrant on him.

“Scorpion” is suspected of belonging to the gang that kidnapped the businessman Javier Moscuzza on October 13, 2020in the Quilmes area, with six days of captivity and a ransom that was collected in bitcoins, an unprecedented event marked by a plot of betrayal.

That October 13, 2020, businessman Moscuzza was kidnapped by a command group. While he was held captive in an address in Avellaneda, he lived dramatic hours. He saw how the criminals dug a hole at the bottom of a piece of land on the outskirts of La Plata where they planned to bury him. He also heard how they triggered him in the head to threaten him.

Part of the drug seized
Part of the drug seized

He was released after his family paid a ransom in bitcoins equivalent to 65 thousand dollars, in addition to 600 thousand pesos. He also promised to mortgage assets to give more money to the kidnappers.

Over time, the criminals were identified. Two of them were arrested and prosecuted, with Moscuzza constituted as a plaintiff in the file.

There was another detainee in 2021, someone whom the businessman, dedicated to the supermarket business, knew well: Rafael Carrillo Rodriguez, a native of Venezuela, who had been a police officer in his country before arriving in Argentina. Upon meeting Moscuzza, the man gave him a job. Then, according to the accusation against him, Carrillo Rodríguez became the mastermind of the kidnapping. He returned to his country of origin in the midst of a pandemic. There he was captured.

But it remained to catch “Scorpion”, accused by federal prosecutor Silvia Cavallo as the man who acted as a link between the owner of the house where Mascuzza was kidnapped and the gang. The owner of the address in Avellaneda he was detained in Detention Unit No. 9 in La Plata and was close to Ramos Pazaccording to court documents in the case.

In this way, “Scorpion” was a key piece in the execution of the plan. Meanwhile, Moscuzza had to leave Argentina after the kidnapping to move abroad.

Material seized in the raids where Scorpion was arrested
Material seized in the raids where Scorpion was arrested

“Scorpion” has more accusations against him in his country of origin. In 2017 he had been sentenced by the Seventh Unipersonal Criminal Court of the city of Chiclayo for having brutally beaten his former partner and mother of his children in 2015. He never appeared in court and an arrest warrant was issued.

After the conviction for the beating and escape, the woman denounced in the local newspaper The Northerner that Ramos Paz threatened her with death by text message. Later, she received judicial family protection measures.

Now, “Scorpion” waits in a cage of the Federal. The Quilmes Justice already required it to investigate it. Meanwhile, the site Interpol shows the face of the last fugitive from the Moscuzza kidnapping. His name is Johan Esneider Angarita Leon, 27 years old, Venezuelan. He had registered an address in the City of Buenos Aires, according to national records. His whereabouts are still unknown.


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The story of “Scorpion”: he was wanted for a brutal kidnapping with ransom in bitcoins and he fell for selling cocaine

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