The Scorpions strategy to survive the explosion of grunge: “We kept playing in stadiums”

The arrival of grunge, with bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam or Alice In Chains, was devastating for the groups that had filled the screens of MTV until just a few years or even months ago. Some as Mötley Crüe or even Iron MadienThey saw how, in a short space of time, their careers began to be in serious danger and their popularity plummeted worryingly fast. In the case of the German Scorpions, however, it was not such a traumatic decade. How did they manage to survive? (via Ultimate Classic Rock)

He answered that question rudolf schenkerguitarist of the group, who has revealed that his way of surviving was, simply, not to fight against the musical revolution.

And, oddly enough, the key was to realize that what was happening in the United States was not something global, at least not entirely. All the Scorpions had to do was find their market.

“When grunge and alternative music blew it up, we went to play in Asia, to places like Thailand, the Philippines or Indonesia, where we could still play in big stadiums”now remembers the guitarist. “Why fight grunge in America and Europe when we could still play gigantic shows in Russia or Taiwan? There was a new generation of Germans going to Russia not with tanks, but with guitars, bringing love and peace.”

“There is an interview with Metallica and I don’t remember if it was James Hetfield or Kirk Hammett who was asked how many countries they had played in”says Rudolf. “And I don’t know which one of them said, ‘Not as many as Scorpions!’ We weren’t scared! He also had his reward: we sold more records in Thailand than Michael Jackson, I think we have 20 platinum certifications over there”.

And it is that the five decades of the band have been “an incredible trip”depending on the ax. “Sometimes I think about it and tears come to my eyes because I am so impressed with what we have learned and experienced. We were the second best-selling band in the world behind Peter Frampton at one point, which is an incredible thing.”

Scorpions will release their new album‘Rock Believer’, next February 25. To take advantage of the occasion, we have also interviewed themand the Germans have revealed to us which are their favorite songs inside and outside their catalogue.

The band also spoke about their “non-farewells”: “Well, it wasn’t really that many (farewells). It was just a farewell tour, and we realized that there were a lot of new fans, and that we should celebrate 50 years of Scorpions, because in 1965 I founded this group and I met a book from my mother, in which we wrote down all the finances of the band and marked that year. So I told the manager and the rest of my colleagues, and we thought we should celebrate it; so I started telling it to promoters of all over the world. Because we have to keep in mind that we are one of the four active bands that have been together for more than 50 years: The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys and The Who would be the other three. So we thought that yes, it had to be done. And we realized, during that failed farewell tour, that maybe it was too soon.”

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The Scorpions strategy to survive the explosion of grunge: “We kept playing in stadiums”

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