The RVFV concert completes more than 40% of the capacity in just one month of ticket sales – Ayuntamiento de Almería

The RVFV concert completes more than 40% of the capacity in just one month of ticket sales

Thousands of tickets sold in just one month. Tickets for the biggest concert to date by RVFV went on sale last December 15, the artist from Almeria who has become a true benchmark for urban music in Spain in his own right and with a strong presence outside our borders. , as endorsed by its platinum record in Italy. It will be on Sunday, August 20, 2023, in the middle of the Fair, at the Fair Concert Venue, it will be the only one that RVFV will offer in the province next year and it is already at more than 40% capacity.

The event will be part of the program of the Fair of the Culture and Education Area of ​​the Almería City Council and is produced by Crash Music, which has valued this start-up very positively. “We will use the same production and deployment as with Cooltural Fest, which is held at the Campus the two previous days. It will be a great stage, with raised areas, great sound, state-of-the-art screens and also with the inclusive addition through the Music For All Foundation, with the more than fifty measures that we have been applying at Cooltural Fest and at many other festivals and events. of all Spain”.

From Crash Music they want to remind the younger public that the concert can be included in the use of the Cultural Bonus for people over 18 years of age since the entity is attached. Obtaining the prepaid, virtual or physical card of the Youth Cultural Voucher, you just have to attach the ticket or purchase invoice to the profile through the Youth Cultural Voucher App. Tickets are on sale through the Crash Music website,

RVFV, which has more than six million monthly listeners on Spofify, almost one million subscribers on YouTube and almost half a million on Instagram, has been “very excited” from the outset about a quote that ensures that “it will be very special to all of us. I will give everything I have so that all of you who go that day have a great time, be with me. It will be a complete concert, with many surprises. I want to thank the City Council and ‘Crash Music’ for all the support for what we are preparing”.

Rafael Ruiz, RVFV, is a 21-year-old urban artist who always boasts of having been born in the Pescadería neighborhood. In a few months he became one of the most important artists on the Spanish urban scene. After triumphing with “Mirándote” and “Prendío remix”, RVFV surprised with “Yo no sé”, with which he achieved his first international recognition, a double platinum record in Italy, included in the latest and long-awaited album “Nastu”, his album debut in which he surprises once again with all kinds of rhythms and collaborations such as Rels B, Javiielo, Omar Montes, Brray, Kaydy Caín, Maikel Delacalle, MC Buzzz and Lanalizer. Also, he just released a new EP called ‘Metamorphosis’. Many of his songs already exceed 50 million views, reaching almost a hundred in some cases.

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The RVFV concert completes more than 40% of the capacity in just one month of ticket sales – Ayuntamiento de Almería

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