The Rosalía of fantastic literature is called Tracy Wolff and she has written the vampire saga that hypnotizes generation Z

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The mysterious world of teenagers and “adultescent” it has that paradox: although almost everything happens in impregnable privacy, it hardly keeps any secrets. We have all passed through a place where little of the fundamental changes: the wish for true friendshipanxiety about fitting in, sexual curiosity, the insecurity around the body, the dramatic experience, the longing for autonomy and love. We all project those dreams and concerns onto movies, series and books. Some books, those romantic serials that pass from hand to hand, are not read, they are drunk. These are titles that will never reach the recycled paper container. The young women who read todaycrave’ (‘Longing), the saga of Tracy Wolffnot even 50 can get rid of it.

the saga about vampires, witches, werewolves and dragons written by Tracy Wolff is the current equivalent of ‘Twilight’ or even, ‘Harry Potter’. Everything happens, moreover, in an institute, the Katmere, which evokes the boarding schools of the most classic children’s literature as those places outside the real world where everything can be possible. Until that place in Alaska arrive the protagonists of the ‘Crave’ saga, currently composed of five books. The heroine of this whole adventure is called Grace, she is an orphan (another classic of youth) and when she arrives at the institute that she runs, her uncle discovers that she is a gargoyle with powers.

The new ‘Twilight’

There is something powerful about turning your protagonist into precisely a gargoyle. “The readers will see that they can be whatever they want and go as far as they want”, explained Wolff on the promotional tour that recently brought her to Spain, in the scent of youthful crowds. “The strength of women can take various forms, and with Grace I demonstrate it”. In addition to the inevitable empowering agenda, the writer sets another goal: “I think it’s very important to give a role model for readers and show that talking about emotions is not synonymous with being weak. You have to know how to identify them, feel good with them and be able to talk openly”

In the official biography of Tracy Wolff, a Texan living in Austin and walker of three dogs, it says that she is “a fan of vampires, dragons and everything that wakes you up at midnight”. It has been English Language and Literature teacher, but today he dedicates himself full time to writing dark novels starring tortured heroes and strong and powerful heroines. And that’s it has exceeded 60 titles.

With the saga ‘Anhelo’ she has become a Rosalía of the literature for young and romantic spiritsone of the few authors who queues at bookstores where he stops to reveal secrets about Katmere and her students. The fifth volume of the saga, ‘Spell’, will be published in March 2023. There’s still time to catch up on ‘Longing’ (2020), ‘Fury’ (2021), ‘Ansia’ (2021) and ‘Fulgor’ (2022), plus a sixth book, ‘Katmere’, with extras on the paranormal saga.

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The Rosalía of fantastic literature is called Tracy Wolff and she has written the vampire saga that hypnotizes generation Z

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