The reunion of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga at the SAG Awards

There was a time when Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper grabbed the headlines of the gossip press because the chemistry they gave off together was so great that rumors that they were a sentimental couple did not stop circulating. That was a few years ago, as many as four, when the movie was released A star has been bornwhich the two actors masterfully starred.

It is clear that the passage of time has not extinguished that spark between them. On Sunday night, during the SAG awards gala, the actors’ union, Lady Gaga, 35, and Bradley Cooper, 47, met again and their reunion has left their fans breathless. These awards recognize the best of the small and the big screen.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga greeted each other at one point during the evening


The moving scene occurred at one point in the night, surrounded by other attendees of the evening at the Baker Hangar in Santa Monica, California. The actors greeted each other, chatted, showing signs of their great complicity and affection, which made it clear that their bond remains as strong as that of the characters in the film.

The two flashed their best smiles and merged into a warm hug when they saw each other. That reunion was, without a doubt, one of the highlights of the night.


The actors greeted each other warmly.


The actors melted into a warm hug when they saw each other

Lady Gaga was in attendance as a nominee for her role as Patrizia Reggiani in the gucci house. For the appointment, she wore the purest Marilyn Monroe style: a white column dress by Armani privé, complemented by a sequined bodice. As accessories, some vertigo platform shoes and a diamond necklace from Tiffany & Co.


Lady Gaga, spectacular, dressed in Armani private


As a result of the film, rumors began to circulate that there was a romance between them that reached its climax when both performed the winning song on the piano. shallow at the 2019 Oscars. “Yeah, people saw love, and guess what? That’s what we wanted you to see. This, shallow, It’s a love song. The movie, A star has been born, it is a love story. We worked very hard, we worked all week on that performance,” she said.

As a result of the movie ‘A star is born’, rumors began to circulate that there was a romance between them that reached a climax when both performed, on the piano, the winning song Shallow at the 2019 Oscars gala

The actor also denied the rumors and said that she acted to help him control the nerves of performing in front of so many people live. “They fall in love in that scene in the movie. It’s that explosive moment that happens to them in front of thousands of people on a stage.”


Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing ‘Shallow’ at the 2019 Oscars


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2021, Bradley reflected on what it was like to work at A star has been born (which he also directed) and described Gaga as “a beautiful and terribly charismatic person”. “When I met her I thought ‘I have to take advantage of it and if I make a mistake it will be my own fault’. But then when we started working together I realized ‘oh, the sky is the limit in terms of what she can do and their commitment,'” he said.

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The reunion of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga at the SAG Awards

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