The return of the rumor: Avril Lavigne would have died in 2003 and would have been replaced by a lookalike – Les Inrocks

Like Paul McCartney in 1966 therefore.

No question of approaching Avril Lavigne to talk about her music. It’s a purely viral phenomenon that pushes us to tell the slightly crazy story of the supposed death of the singer, then replaced by a look-alike, which has become a meme since last Monday, May 15.

In 2003, the singer was the subject of a rumor that flooded the world web and all the Skyblogs of the French Internet: Avril Lavigne would in fact have died a year after the release of her album. let’s go (2002). Since then, she would have been replaced by a usurper… But some fans would have unmasked her.

The story ended up sinking into the limbo of the Internet and our memories, relegated to an urban legend with little credibility. Big mistake to underestimate all the conspiratorial potential of this rumor that suddenly resurfaced on Twitter a few days ago. The tweet that seems to have panicked the whole web again comes from the @givenchyass account. With a name like that, you could expect anything.

This thread divulges the story that was already circulating 15 years ago. Avril Lavigne would have hired a young girl who looks like her to escape the star system in which she got bogged down after the release of her album let go, when she was only 18 years old. Fleeing the paparazzi, continuing to skate with her friends and bothering the security guards in shopping centers, in short, the young Canadian wanted to return to a normal life. The theory on Twitter goes even further by revealing the name of its doppelganger: Melissa Vandella. Avril and Melissa become best friends, and the singer from Ontario decides to teach her to sing like her. In 2003, Avril Lavigne committed suicide, devastated by the death of her grandfather and it was Mélissa who took her place. This is followed by videos and photos that compare the look and voice of the two “Avrils” between 2004 and 2007.

For example, in the series of images below, a user notices a difference in Avril Lavigne’s jaw between 2002 and 2014.

For supporters of this theory, Avril Lavigne would have gone from the emo-skater-dark and melancholic look, to that of punkette-pop-girly and candy pink too suddenly.

From legend to meme

The main concerned has not denied his death, the false deaths of celebrities have existed for a long time. The whole world wondered about Paul McCartney who would have died between 1966 and 1967 and therefore embodied by a double. Beyoncé hasn’t been spared these weird fan conspiratorial whims either. These conspiracies are part of Internet culture and the one about Avril Lavigne has become a meme today.

Since Monday, Internet users have had fun tweeting photos and inventing stories like the one about the singer of Complicated. In general, the posts repeat the phrase “Avril Lavigne is dead and was replaced by a look alike: a conspiracy theory thread” used in the initial tweet posted on May 13.

A way to make fun of conspiracy theories, totally crazy but (let’s face it) downright entertaining.

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The return of the rumor: Avril Lavigne would have died in 2003 and would have been replaced by a lookalike – Les Inrocks

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