The request of a Millonarios fan during the Guns N’ Roses concert in El Campín

This Tuesday, October 11, the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium was filled again, but this time it was not because of the sport, but because of the culture that took over every corner of the place, invaded by the rock of the legendary American band Guns N’ Roses, which held its first date in the country’s capital.

After the rockers’ first concert, their fans began to share images and videos of what the show was at the Bogota stadium. But there was one that quickly went viral, as one of the concertgoers gave an unexpected warning to the other fans of the band.

As many know, soccer and rock have been linked historically. And apparently, a football fan who attended the Guns N’ Roses concert did not forget the BetPlay League and the game that will be played this weekend at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium.

This was reflected in a video shared through Twitter, in which one of the most effusive moments of the Show, in which all the fans are jumping to the rhythm of the rock band. However, in the background you can hear a Millonarios fan who is quite worried about the grass in El Campín.

Hijuepu… don’t jump because Millos plays on Saturday, they’re going to throw the grass…”, a blue fan is heard saying in the midst of the euphoria that the rockers experienced in one of the most anticipated concerts of the year. The video immediately went viral on social media.

The Millonarios fan was referring to the match that the team is going to play ambassador next Sunday, October 16 against Patriotas for the BetPlay League at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium. This is the same stage where the concert took place this Tuesday and in which the second date of Guns N’ Roses will take place this Wednesday, October 12.

The use of the sports arena for concerts has generated controversy in all Bogota citizens, since they have not been able to agree on the dates for large concerts to be held without affecting the professional soccer league.

In fact, many times the grass of El Campín has been badly treated after these events, which has inevitably affected the football matches at the stadium.

Currently, Colombian professional soccer broadcasts belong to the Win Sports channel, created in 2012 with the aim of consolidating itself as the only sports channel in the country.

During its first years of existence, Win belonged to different cable operators that offered transmissions to the public at no additional cost, something that changed at the beginning of 2020.

Since then, the sports channel has an alternate signal called Win Sports + in which the bulk of the matches are broadcast at an additional cost of 30,000 pesos per month that users must pay to their operators as the cost of the subscription in the invoice. .

This strategy has been maintained for two years with the permission of the clubs attached to Dimayor, who receive a percentage of the television rights of the BetPlay League and BetPlay Tournament each season. However, users have not left aside the criticism for the price of the subscription and the comparison with Champions League matches and European leagues that are broadcast at no additional cost through international channels.

The bill presented to the House of Representatives is based on this premise, in which, for now, it is sought that at least one match in each category be broadcast on open television. “We present the bill for consideration by the House of Representatives; With Libardo Cruz, we hope that the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, within six months after the enactment of this law, will take the corresponding steps,” said Alfredo Ape Cuello, representative for the department of Cesar.

According to the representative of the Conservative Party, the project consists of “declaring of national interest”, that is, the first division and promotionand “oblige the Ministry of ICT to order whatever is necessary to ensure that every week, a match in each category is broadcast on one of the open television channels.”

Neck makes an exception: “We are not telling the operators or Dimayor that no one is going to pay them”, but that it will be “the duty of the State to make the agreements and negotiations, so that they facilitate which party would be broadcast” on open television in each of the days.

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The request of a Millonarios fan during the Guns N’ Roses concert in El Campín

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