The rape that marked the life of Lady Gaga

Not always the life of a world pop star like Lady Gaga it is pink. Because his biography, full of record successes and scandals, which have brought him three hundred million dollars in assets, also contains a dark past: he was raped when she was nineteen by a music produceron the corner of her parents’ house, modest middle-class workers, who encouraged Stefani Joanne Angelina’s musical vocation, which is how she was registered at birth thirty-six years ago in a New York neighborhood.

At the age of four he was already playing the piano. And with thirteen he composed his first ballad. He helped her with a Bruce Springsteen sheet music, which he found on top of the piano that he bought for her from her enthusiastic father. By the way, she is left-handed. Young, she used to go to the slums of the Village, New York’s bohemian neighborhood. She there she sang, many times for free. A record producer, Rob Fusari, became her lover and her champion in launching her ambitious music career. Who also artistically baptized it as Lady Gaga, because they were both enthusiastic about the Queen’s song, “Radio Gaga”. Before meeting Fusari, whose relationship in 2006 barely lasted a year, she had already had other romantic relationships.

Lady Gaga with Bradley Cooper | File, Archive

Between concerts and recordings, when except for her family she no longer remembered her as Stefani Germanotta nobody but Lady Gaga, lived to the full between extravagances on stage and short-lived love affairs. She has hinted many times if she really was a lesbian. Or androgynous, which she did not deny, perhaps to increase a certain mystery about her sexuality. Countless were her boyfriends and some lovers who did not last long. For example, the singer, Matt Williams, with whom she spent a feverish love season. As she was already well known and her affair with Williams was widely publicized in the press, he benefited from her, selling thousands of records. Thanks to Lady Gaga, because when he disappeared from his life, that interpreter was passing into oblivion. A former bartender and later nightclub promoter, Luc Carl, was at two different times his new bed partner. Later, he had other idylls with actor Taylor Kinney and the diva’s representative, Christian Carino, among the most stable. She has never gotten married, although with the aforementioned Taylor Kinney she was about to. But after four years in which they went out frequently, the next he proposed her wedding, giving her a very expensive ring. At the last minute, Lady Gaga repented and sent the one who was going to be her husband to walk.

She only appeared married once… but in the cinema: with the musician Jackson Maine, who, according to the plot farce, composed a romantic melody especially for her, “I’ll Never Love Again”. She was included at the end of the new version of A star has been born. Just when Lady Gaga finished recording her, she was informed in her studio that her husband had taken her own life, hanging himself with a belt. Emotional end of fiction. Who officiated as husband was the actor and director Bradley Cooper. It was said that during the breaks in filming both were strengthening their relationship, to the point that the film was finished, and after her premiere (she was awarded the Oscar for acting) it was learned that she was pregnant. But Bradley Cooper, in any case, was not the father of the baby she was expecting, as it turns out that he had been involved with another woman and it was also learned that Lady Gaga had found another love, the director of a foundation that investigates cancer, a businessman named Michael Polansky (nothing to do with the famous Roman). And the child that the actress-singer was expecting was awarded to him. Polansky is Lady Gaga’s latest partner.

Lady Gaga and her tremendous show at the Superbowl halftime

The truth is that Lady Gaga has tried to give few clues about her intimate life, which does not prevent her from being constantly written and talked about. She undertook her “The Chromatica Ball” last July, a tour around the world, including Europe, although not Spain, unfortunately, because here as in many other countries she continues to be a pop idol. She electrifies with her contralto voice and triggers her comments on her extremely daring dresses, with which she competes in bizarre models with Madonna, her biggest rival or the no less contender Beyoncé, without forgetting us in a similar line of Rihanna.

Lady Gaga composes a good part of his repertoire, calculating that he has sold thirty million albums to date, he recently took part in the soundtrack of the film Top Gun: Maverick. Once his aforementioned tour is over, it will be when he joins the filming of the musical sequel to jokerwhich already has an anticipated release date, exactly October 4, 2024. This is called working safely and with sufficient time. Lady Gaga will receive ten million for her double task, actress and musical performer, just half that of its protagonist, Joaquin Phoenix. The title of this film musical will be Joker: Folie a Deux. And her character, Harley Quinn, colleague of entanglements of joker.

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The rape that marked the life of Lady Gaga

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