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The Radionic concert this year it was transformed, in Cali we presented the Cali Radionic Stagewithin the framework of one of the most important music festivals in the capital of Valle del Cauca, the International University Festival of Alternative Rock FIURAthis year celebrating the 14th version of an event that promotes and highlights Valle del Cauca, national and international talent and strengthens the formation of the public.

In Colombia and through our social networks, Radionica listeners received details and listened to each concert of this event through the different frequencies with special interviews with the bands that make their way through the stand of Radionic Cali located in front of the two platforms proposed by the festival.

The sun was hot during the event, the bands graced the afternoon and evening to the rhythm of rock and roll, metal, hip hop and dance hall. During the two days it rained around 8:00 pm, a tasty chill that was the perfect excuse to sing in the rain.

The organization of the festival stood out from the auditions, of 102 groups that appeared, 12 were part of the platforms of the festival that gave free access to the students of the Universidad del Valle, allowed the sample of enterprises that offered food and with affordable tickets to the external public.

The FIURA 2022 poster was varied, from metal to dancehall. These were the testimonies of some bands that passed through the microphones of Radionica:

From Popayan we had the sounds of The Erratic, an electronic shawm proposal that comes from the peace station of El Tambo Cauca, a concert with a message with a forceful word, forgiveness, reminding us of processes that have marked the history of our country around the desired peace that we all build day to day. At the Radionica microphones they told us about their experience:

“We have brought them down from the mountains, from Popayán Cauca, we are very happy to share here the resistance of the shawm that has been maintained despite so many difficulties. In Cauca we have experienced violence directly or indirectly, we believe that in Cauca to give the last bullet of the conflict because so many problems reside there, conceptions of society that it is difficult to close a single thought, a single idea but, we believe in peace agreements, in the dialogue that is important to achieve it and just as the shawm is in a process of resistance, we, La Erratica, are also resisting from the front line”Julián Meneses and Pablo Tobar Manzo expressed.

Brother Wolf

A tribe made up of Gabelo Gonzalez (vocalist), dino gayai (bass guitarist), Carlos Jimenez (guitarist), Edward Box (guitarist). One of the bands that represents Radionica in its constant search for new sounds in the country from Cauca.

“An excellent experience, we thought it was great and an honor to play on the Radionica stage, we are listeners to the station and it is great to share our music. We started from Popayán as a patch of friends more than 10 years ago, history is still being written. Just as music has been the soundtrack of our lives, we want it to be that of someone else, to make them dream and enjoy our songs.”

Groove Out

For Juan Camilo Reyes, trombonist, and Xavier Velazco, bassist of Groove Out, music has saved their world since childhood, it has become an important emotional support. This group was born as a Jazz quartet among friends and now they share good Cali jazz from platforms such as FIURA.

Sea Cabal

A Panamanian group that has been influenced by artists such as Ruben Blades or Señor Loop, who for them represent the artist who is faithful to his style, against the current and who becomes for Mare Cabal the model to follow, since there is a very marked and strict with the guidelines, where it is a challenge to break with commercial expectations.

“I am super grateful because it is our first international presentation, in Panama we have been fighting for years to bring music. This experience was super nice, it flew by but we enjoyed every second, the good atmosphere, the good organization and everything beautiful that Cali has to offer ourselves. We take this experience with us, it is very interesting how this festival includes so many genres”they expressed.

We asked Mare Cabal for the top 5 Panamanian bands we should know about and this is her recommendation:


The beat and lyrics of El Pro made themselves felt on the Radionica stage with songs like “Africa in my veins”, “Boombaproll” or “El chavo did not arrive”, leaving us with the surprise of the return of Don Word, the group with the that we initially met Edwin Roa.

There were two days of a lot of music and shared talent from Radionica Cali for all the frequencies of the house of independent sounds, saving the world of our listeners.

Radionic Valle del Cauca

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The Radionic Concert Route presented the FIURA Radionic Stage in Cali | Radionics

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