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By Francisco Villagran

Special for the Coast

The once famous and luxurious large ship. The Queen Mary is back in the news because the Japanese want to rent it for tourist trips between Japan and the United States. The main interest that the Japanese show is because, they say, it is full of ghosts that occasionally scare visitors. For lovers of adventure and terror, it is a very attractive occasion for a very special and promising tourist trip in terms of experiences. The Queen Mary was officially launched in 1934. This huge floating city was once the fastest ocean liner in the world. By making three days and 20 hours between Europe and the United States, she broke the speed record for this type of ship. At the start of World War II, she was used to transport thousands of American soldiers to England, where they were massed for the upcoming invasion of Europe. Like a pack of hungry wolves, the Nazi submarines set out to hunt it, but they could never get close to it, because the ship was painted lead gray and that is why they called it “The Gray Ghost” because they were always lost sight of in the misty waters of the ocean. North Sea.

At the end of the war he resumed passenger transport but with the high cost of fuel, of which his machines consumed enormous amounts, maritime travel became impossible to sustain and the company that owned it sold it to the Americans who converted it into a floating hotel. . Actress Elizabeth Taylor filmed the most expensive ad in television history inside it. She was paid four million dollars for only two hours of work for a company that announced the presentation of a new perfume. While they were filming, the presence of a man who was watching them from a corner caught his attention. They asked who he was and how he entered the place if he had only one door. No one knew how to answer and when they went to ask him who he was and what he was doing there, he disappeared into thin air in full view of everyone.

Strange Incidents.

On another occasion, a tour guide who was showing the ship to a group of visitors, noticed that behind them there was a strange man in an old-fashioned uniform who followed them at a short distance. In 1966 an 18-year-old, inexperienced member of the publication, trying to close a steam valve, instead of closing it, loosened it, spurting out a jet of hot steam that killed him. Since then, his ghost wanders around the ship, moving things and sometimes being seen. Visitors feel as if a gust of cold has passed them by. There were many similar events, reported by surprised witnesses. A young girl who was visiting the ship with her mother suddenly said to her: “Mom, who is that pretty lady dancing alone in the room?” “Where daughter, I don’t see anyone” replied her mother. “There, mom, I do see her, she is very pretty and has dark hair, she has a long white dress with a flower decoration and she moves around the room, she is walking around alone.” This mysterious lady was seen by many people at various times in various places on the ship, but especially in that room.

As the ship was used to transport soldiers in the Second World War, it is possible that there have been many deaths on board and of course, the souls of those who died tragically there are still suffering on the ship and are sometimes seen, also manifesting itself with noises, screams and other inexplicable phenomena. Apparently, they are very comfortable on this ship, which offers what they want.

famous clairvoyant

To solve this mystery, it was decided to summon the medium Debra Sanate, famous in Los Angeles. A seance was held in a hall attended by about 21 people. The medium, possessed, began to speak in Italian and in a male voice. He was asked who he was, to which he replied: “I am Carlo Giovetti, I was born in 1914 in Naples, I was in the Italian Air Force in the war, my old-fashioned plane was attacked by British Spitfire planes, I was strafed and crashed with the plane. When I came to, I was in an English hospital, my legs were seriously injured. Together with other wounded prisoners I was sent to Australia. My God, how my legs hurt. oh oh! The medium’s secretary, who was present, told him “Calm down, Carlo, you don’t have to suffer anymore, you’re dead. Rest”.

“How can I be dead, if I feel terrible pain, I also see you,” the Italian complained. “On the other hand, we don’t see you -he said- because you are dead, you are no longer in this physical plane, you don’t have to suffer anymore, rest.” At this Carlo withdrew, apparently assuming that he was dead and no longer in this world. Then the medium commented that she saw other dead beings wandering about the ship: an engineer in a white uniform, a cook who died of burns sustained when hot food was spilled on him, a man who had a metal sheet fall on him and kill him. killed, a young woman who drowned in the pool, today she entertained herself by throwing water at visitors and scaring them away. These are some of the many specters that scare the Queen Mary. They refuse to abandon it. There is no way to make them go away. The exorcisms carried out by many spiritualists to keep them away from the ship have failed. Either way, all of this serves as publicity for the Queen Mary.

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The Queen Mary full of ghosts… – The coast

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