The QUB musique playlist: May 20, 2022 releases

What to listen to through all the new music? Stéphane Plante and Mélissa Pelletier from QUB musique point out 5 essentials!

On this fifth album from the New Brunswickers, mega-riffs that tear everything up (on This is My Pencil and Zötesses in particular) alternate with narrative pieces recounting pretty crazy adventures, and this, without ever encroaching on the musicality. Even the keyboards distort in harmony with the six strings over chord progressions reminiscent of the golden years of Deep Purple. From the first song, Washed Up Rock Band, the group makes fun of its place in showbiz: “We’ve never made a hit/we just have a Félix”. The guys even chant “AC DC/CCR!” like a classic rock mantra. In order not to exhaust the stocks of muscular rock, we bring in some funk just enough dirty with Safe To Say. The title No time to fool around reflects the philosophy of the album well. No respite between the stories of brushes or badly taken buddies. All sprinkled with self-mockery. Notice to interested parties: the quasi-instrumental Canoe Camping (Do You Want to Play) would be perfect to accompany a wrestler when entering the ring. (Stephane Plante)

No promise Loud (***)

Many accounts to be made on this last opus of Loud. Not to mention a string of diss tracks, No promise targets those who question the integrity of Loud. If you only know the rapper from his TV appearances, look no further here. All women know how to dance. The lyrics of the play #10 prove to be as recent as they are disturbing: “We have our own #10/We rep’ la Guy Lafleur de Lys…” (Stéphane Plante)

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Claudia Bouvette had pain, and it shows. Don’t be fooled by the catchy pop, which flirts with electro and funk: it’s an air of revolt that claims its place on the artist’s first album that we saw at Big Brother Celebrities. We are even witnessing a takeover between the Touched-Coulée, Solo Night and Shower bag. With The Paradise Club, Claudia Bouvette proves to whoever doubted it that she is a talented singer-songwriter, who may surprise us before long. (Melissa Pelletier)

EYEYELykke Li (***)

You could hear a heart breaking through the pieces of EYEYE. And it is precisely these painful, and sometimes haunting, moments that the Swedish artist has tried to transpose on this album created in her bedroom. Needless to say, this is one of Li’s most intimate efforts, which lets us discover his universe in a different way here. The curious can also take a look at short visual extracts accompanying the album, like fragments of the stories she tells in her songs. (Melissa Pelletier)

Impact Is ImminentAnvil (***)

The umpteenth smashing return of colossal metal icons coast to coast. Relentless workers, the guys from Anvil give us a 19th album still imbued with a boosted charge. While the band is unlikely to fill up on new followers with this rant, die-hard fans will revel in the almightiness of the choruses. oldschool beaten down by their idols. With Ghost Shadows Where Wizard’s Wand, the veterans prove that they have nothing to envy to the young metalheads. Or so little. (Stephane Plante)


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The QUB musique playlist: May 20, 2022 releases

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