The Provincial Council of Albacete reiterates its support for the Cycle of Liétor Organ Concerts, great ambassador of the town and the province

The Provincial Council of Albacete has hosted this Thursday the presentation of the XXXIX edition of Liétor’s ‘Francisco Navarro’ Organ Concert Cycle, which will be held on the last two Saturdays of May and the first two of June in the town of Sierra del Segura , as explained by the provincial deputy for Culture, Miguel Zamora, who has valued this initiative, which is part of the Cultural Albacete program, and which has the full support of the provincial institution.

Together with the mayor of Liétor, Antonio García; the manager of Cultural Albacete, Ricardo Beléndez, and the organist Javier Sáez, the provincial manager recalled that this 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the restoration of the organ of the Church of Santiago Apóstol de Liétor, highlighting the figure of the two people who They were the architects of this achievement and with it the beginning of this event, such as the famous organist Francis Chapelet and the local parish priest, Francisco Navarro, recently deceased, and for whom he had words of recognition.

Likewise, he has congratulated those who make this Cycle possible, who is a great ambassador of this town and this province, making it clear that it is a true pride for our territory and a hallmark that transcends the local and the provincial, as it is put manifest through the international organists that participate and also the public that comes from different points of the geography to enjoy these concerts.

Likewise, Zamora has extended this congratulations to both the City Council and the Grupo Museo Cultural Association for their contribution to this event, pointing out the importance of public institutions and the associative fabric of the different towns of the province walking hand in hand, ” because it is precisely these links that enhance the projects”.

In addition, he has highlighted that this initiative, declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest, is “one of the most important cultural events that take place outside of Albacete capital, showing that culture in our province is in great health, which is seen reinforced with economic resources by the institutions”, and has highlighted that supporting this type of initiative is a key tool to promote the development of municipalities, since it is a dynamic agent of the economy, socializer and backbone of the territory.

Likewise, he added that this Concert Cycle is a powerful tourist attraction for the town, in which the attendees will not only be able to enjoy music, but also the natural, artistic, historical, cultural or gastronomic heritage of Liétor.

Zamora highlights that organ music is essential in the annual cultural calendar of Albacete

Zamora has also warned that the institution chaired by Santi Cabañero is committed to promoting, disseminating and democratizing culture, so that it reaches every corner of the province in all its forms, noting that the Provincial Council is working to launch initiatives that promote, make visible and contribute to conserving the cultural resources that each town in this province has, “which are many and very varied”. Being the organs of Liétor “a true treasure and an artistic and patrimonial jewel not only of this locality, but of the Sierra del Segura and the province”.

In fact, this Cycle, which began in 1983, has been the starting point and the impetus for other cultural initiatives that have the organ as the protagonist, and with which the Diputación also collaborates actively through Cultural Albacete, as is the case of the historical concerts in Férez, El Bonillo, Villa de Ves or Elche de la Sierra. Proving that this is a province where culture and music go hand in hand, as Zamora has affirmed, who has concluded by encouraging citizens to enjoy this activity and “this unique music of extraordinary quality that, if in some places It is not well known, in Albacete it is essential in its annual cultural calendar”.

Four Saturdays, four spring concerts

Thus, this new edition will take place through four spring concerts, which will last for the next four Saturdays, starting at 8:00 p.m. in the Santiago Apóstol Parish and in the Convent of Carmelitas Descalzos in this town, counting on this edition with a very special performance, such as that of Francis Chapelet, who will improvise some pieces on May 21, in an act that he will share with Uriel Valadeau; on May 28, Emmanuel Arakélian; on June 4, Javier Artigas; and on June 11, Carlos Arturo Guerra Parra.

In this line, the organist Javier Sáez has been in charge of announcing the technical details, indicating that the programming will follow the trail that Chapelet himself marked in his day, combining tradition and modernity, while highlighting the figure of “ the two architects” (Chapelet himself and the parish priest Francisco Navarrlo), emphasizing the importance of the recovery of the organ of the Church of Santiago Apóstol de Liétor for the recovery of the rest of the organs in the province.

In addition, he recalled that during the Saturdays in which the concerts take place, the opening of the historical monuments of the town will also take place, by the hand of the Grupo Museo Cultural Association, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

From the City Council of Liétor they underline the pride of hosting this Cycle

For his part, the Mayor Liétor, Antonio García, has underlined the pride that hosting this event represents for this town, and has advanced that during the first of the concerts Francis Chapelet will be recognized for his involvement and his decisive contribution so that this event saw the light.

Finally, Ricardo Beléndez, manager of Cultural Albacete, who has stressed the importance of this activity, recalled that the contribution of this Consortium is €6,000 and explained that admission is free until full capacity is reached.

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The Provincial Council of Albacete reiterates its support for the Cycle of Liétor Organ Concerts, great ambassador of the town and the province

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