The power of Ava Max returns: her new single is called ‘Sad Boy’ and it sounds like this

I already said it Ava Max recently: “It’s not the next era yet, but the continuation of ‘Heaven & Hell’. He was talking about his album, the first of his musical career that he released in 2020 and is sweeping. Some people discovered Ava in 2019, with her collaboration with Pablo Alborán in ‘Taboo’the song that ‘stays in time’. Others, maybe with other songs like ‘Not Your Barbie Girl’ either ‘Sweet but psycho’, two songs from 2018 that we will all have heard at some point. Because it has authentic hits that, once they are released, go around the world. Those who still do not recognize any of his songs… keep reading until the end.

What’s new from Ava Max: very dancing

Right now, he finds himself with the typical illusion of the artist who has just released a new single. It’s about ‘Sad Boy’. In her social networks, she herself has clearly announced the premiere: “Alert: new song.” All prepared, wanting to learn the lyrics by heart. Also the dance, because Ava is an excellent dancer who demonstrates her dance skills in each video clip. A complete artist, professional from head to toe. Also, She is not alone in this song. She is accompanied by several artists: the DJ Jonas Blue, R3hab Y Kylie Cantrall. There is already a small advance and it sounds to electronics, to pure dancing to dance it in the discos. Usually, Ava Max is like this. It is impossible that her singles are not accompanied by dances, parties and good vibes. A few hours before the premiere of ‘Sad Boy’, it could already be booked on the main digital platforms; Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

Musical premieres on Fridays are now a custom. Being happy with the arrival of the weekend is normal but… you can be even happier when artists give you new music. We couldn’t stand it anymore to meet the new Ava Max and finally we have ‘Sad Boy’. It sounds like this…

To keep dancing to the rhythm of Ava Max, here we review five songs by the artist that immediately managed to become real hits. Headphones, maximum volume and, if we had a dance floor next to us… we would already put the finishing touch.

1.Kings & Queens

“If all kings had their queens on the throne

We’d make champagne and make a toast

To all the queens who fight alone

Baby, you’re not dancing alone.”

2. So Am I

“Do you ever feel like a misfit?

Everything inside you is dark and twisted

Oh but it’s okay to be different

Because, baby, me too.”

3. OMG What’s Happening

“Look what you’ve done to me

i got everything i wanted

You are all that I want

I didn’t know I was alone

Until I ran to your heart.”

4. Alone (with Alan Walker)

“Then I saw your face, your eyes forgiving me

Looking back at me from the other side

as if you understood me

And I’ll never let you go, oh.”

5. My Head & My Heart

“La-la, la-la, la-la, la…

Tell me yes or no, asking the heavens:

Should I stay or should I go?

You took my hand when I had nothing to hold.”

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The power of Ava Max returns: her new single is called ‘Sad Boy’ and it sounds like this

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