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The Pablo Sorozábal Conservatory of Puertollano will close its academic year with the celebration of traditional concerts where the wide range of instruments and singing classes that are taught there are brought to the fore. Tickets to witness the sample will be free until full capacity.

The “Pablo Sorozábal” Professional Conservatory of Music in Puertollano organizes its traditional concerts to end the course with a graduation recital and a concert by the center’s groups.

The graduation recital will be given by the students who have completed the sixth year of Professional Music Education next Tuesday, May 24 at 7:30 p.m. in Room B of the “Pedro Almodóvar” Municipal Auditorium.

It will be a “unique and emotional event, in which it will be possible to appreciate the great interpretive level reached by the more than twenty students from Puertollano and its region who participate in the event”, they point out from the consistory in a press release. In it, most of the instrumental and singing specialties that can be studied at the conservatory will be represented.

As usual in the activities organized by the Pablo Sorozábal, and given their not only artistic but also educational value, admission to the concert will be free until the capacity of room B of the Pedro Almodóvar is completed.

End of Course Concert

For its part, on Wednesday, May 25 at 6:30 p.m., the traditional End of Course Concert will take place by the Choir, Orchestras and Bands of the Conservatory, this time in the main room of the Auditorium.

The choral and instrumental groups of the Conservatory after the success of the public attendance of the spring concert that took place last March.

On this occasion, the concert will open with a performance by the Professional Teaching Choir conducted by Nieves Ramírez Berdion followed by the Elementary Teaching String Orchestra conducted by Andrea HenríquezLaurent. Next, it will be the turn of the Elementary Teaching Band directed by Joaquín Delgado Fernández, which will be followed by the Professional Teaching Band No. 1 with its director Fernando González Burgos. In fifth place, the Professional Teaching String Orchestra will perform and the Professional Teaching Band No. 2 will close the concert. Both the Orchestra and the Professional Teaching Band No. 2 will be conducted by Rafael Ramírez López Villalta.

Finally, along with the Professional Teaching Band No. 2, Verónica Olmo Parras, winner of the 2021 Young Performers Contest, will perform as solo flute, and whose prize consists precisely of participating as a soloist in a concert with one of the Center’s groups.

Like the recital on Tuesday, admission to the concert of the groups on Wednesday will be free until the capacity of the Pedro Almodóvar’s main hall is full.

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The Pablo Sorozábal will end the academic year with its traditional end-of-year concerts – Lanza Digital

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