The OFECh is ready to start the year with the concerts of the Winter Season

The Chihuahua State Philharmonic Orchestra (OFECh), informed through its social networks that it is ready for the 2023 Winter Season with a series of shows that will be presented from January 27 to March 31 at the Teatro de los Héroes and the Fernando Saavedra Chamber Theater, the opening concert will be Mendelssohn-Mozart, where the director Iván del Prado and the solo violinist Horacio Macías will be participating.

Then “The Bullfighter’s Prayer – Strauss Oboe Concert”, being the appointment on February 24 at the Teatro de los Héroes, where the guest director José Miguel Rodilla will be, as well as the oboe soloist Rosana Salgado.

For March 10 of this year, the “Symphonic Gamer” function will be developed, with Alejandro Rico as director, an event that will take place at the Teatro de los Héroes, likewise, for the 24th of the same month, the show “Música de Cámara” will be presented , Quinteto de Alientos”, the venue that will house this performance will be the Fernando Saavedra Chamber Theater; To close the month of March, on the last day the OFECh will give the concert “Chamber Music, String Quartet”.

Information disclosed on your website indicates who makes up the orchestra: César Urbina, bass trombone; Isela González, timbales; Iván del Prado, artistic and musical director; Virna Pacheco, first concertmaster violins; Abigaíl Portillo, Julio Martínez, Horacio Macías, Karla Briones, Claudia Rico, Claudia Serna, and Miguel Gallegos, all of them on first violins; Armine Onikovna, principal second violins.

Gil Rodrigo Ruiz, Claudia López de Lara, Christian Estrada, and Marco Peña on second violins; likewise, Abner Macías, Mauricio Rojas, Tanya Arellano, and Araceli García on violas; Alejandro Rico, violas and assistant conductor; Lester Monier, principal cellos; Abraham Jurado, Mary Luz Estevané, Flor Nevárez, and Luis Enrique Flores, on cellos.

Jesús Matus, main double bass; Víctor Carrera, Galia Mireles, on double basses; Andrik Arias, lead flute; Claudia Valencia, flutes; Samvel Abrahamyan, principal oboe; Israel González, principal clarinets; Evelyn Briones, clarinets; Alberto Caldera, principal bassoons; Angélica Barroso, bassoons; Manuel Flores, principal horn; Vanessa Espejel, horns; Héctor Rodríguez, trumpets; and Miguel Hernández, principal trombone.

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OFECH’s main philosophy is the promotion and dissemination of culture through artistic work based on ethical and moral values ​​such as respect, teamwork, discipline, punctuality, commitment, honesty and responsibility. having as purpose to be worthy cultural representatives in service to society.

Likewise, the institute has forged throughout its almost three decades a legitimate stamp of pride and legacy, offering high quality music and all kinds of shows.

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The OFECh is ready to start the year with the concerts of the Winter Season

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