The National Youth Choir presents “Mulato”, one of its most versatile concerts

“Our concerts are not repeated,” says the director Selma Gutierrez about his work at the head of the National Youth Choir. And it is enough to review the approach of “Mulatto”, the show that they will present at 8:00 p.m. in the Sodre National Auditorium, to check. Months after the presentation of “Bor”, where they performed the choral work of the Venezuelan Modesta Bor, the cast proposal will be radically modified.

“We had the intention of doing something more relaxed to demonstrate the versatility of the National Youth Choir, and that is why we decided to approach a popular repertoire but without neglecting any detail of each style,” he explains. Y “Mulatto”, for which tickets are still available at Tickantel —prices range from 90 to 275 pesos—, is a clear example of his intention. Through a tribute to the African roots that fly over a few indigenous genres from Latin America and the United States, the National Youth Choir will offer one of the most varied concerts in its short but significant history.

Created in 2018 to continue the work of the Children’s Choir, the Sodre cast will immerse itself in a repertoire that will include merengue, joropo, gospel, spiritual, blues, rumba and even candombe classics. Regarding the latter, they will have the special participation of Chabela Ramirezone of the referents of the style, with whom they will perform “I pray”. This song, which Ramírez recorded during the cycle “live authors”, is a warm tribute to one of the essential styles of Uruguayan music. “Why does the brunette play candombe? / Because candombe kills racism”, he recites at the beginning of that letter that functions as a declaration of principles and a celebration of the genre with black roots.

But there is more. The value of “Mulatto” also resides in the musical exchange with the musical roots of the choir director, born and raised in Venezuela. “It is very significant to share the experience of what I bring from my country with the things I find here, in Uruguay,” he says about the show that, in addition to a cappella singing, will feature the contribution of maracas, percussion and other elements that define to Venezuelan genres such as joropo. “It’s nice to feel that the music where I come from is performed by the boys from the Choir, who put a lot of effort into it,” she adds.

“This type of proposal is important for those who enter the Choir because, when relating it to the Sodre, it may seem somewhat square; however, start our 2022 season with this repertoire it is something super fresh to represent the group”, he says about the proposal that will bring together more than 80 young singers —in an age range that goes from 15 to 21 years— on the stage of the Eduardo Fabini room .

Selma Gutiérrez will direct the concert
Selma Gutiérrez will direct the “Mulato” concert. Photo: Hebe and Fabián Photography.

And, to confirm that the National Youth Choir is not repeated, its director provides some details about the next presentations of the cast. At the end of August they will perform a repertoire focused on vocal jazz and in December they will present a concert together with the successful project Villazulcreated by Fabian Marquisio and focused on music for children.

About that “Mulatto”, González comments: “We are very much looking forward to tonight’s concert; we want to hear the final result of this rehearsal process. We really want to continue singing and, as soon as the concert is over, we’re going to prepare the repertoire for the next concert”.

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The National Youth Choir presents “Mulato”, one of its most versatile concerts

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