The ‘Motomami’ style sweeps the stores: Rosalía’s influence on music and now on fashion

mommy is the third album of the Spanish singer Rosalía, a success this 2022 that not only has it swept the music but the singer’s style has also permeated the public when it comes to dressing.

Rosalía appears on the cover of her album mommy completely naked except for a motorcycle helmet. The Catalan introduces like this a reference that was already witnessed with the presence of the motorcycle in 2018 with badly and that is evident in the video clip of Saoko.

The biker image of mommy It seems to make absolute sense. Rosalía’s issue is that she has the aesthetics of your project to the streets.

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The biker aesthetic has grown like foam in recent months, not only because of Rosalía but also because of Lola Índigo, Chanel, Emilia or María Becerra. There are many artists who also follow this aesthetic in their concerts, presenting outfits with that biker aesthetic.

Of course, they are much more different designs than what was conceived until now as a biker leather black. we see designs croppedmedia and in oversizedwith quilted details, next to letters, prints and bright colors.

The truth is that these biker jackets are in trend peak and, even, they have come to parade among the most outstanding haute couture collections.

Among the colors stand out the yellow, pink red and blue without neglecting the black and white that accompany the biker leather style.

A garment for all kinds of people with all kinds of tastes and in reality this style comes from long before so you can even rescue it from the closet of your parents, siblings or uncles.

If the style doesn’t suit you vintage and you want a new garment in your wardrobe, these are the seven marks that we recommend to be fashionable this fall-winter and be one more motomami girl:

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As the trend expands, there is room for a updated feminine touchwith outfits that mix leather jackets with neon details or a new context for accessories, such as opera gloves inspired by ‘Racing’ or bags also decorated with that biker style.

The famous also wear this motomami style as Bella Hadid or Kim Kardashian a style that has something that reminds us of the Paris Hilton, Britney or Madonna of 20 years ago, because although the trend is renewed, the lens of pop culture is always looking for references in the past.

Zara has been able to interpret the concept of a elegant shape; lines and black stand out with certain touches of color. He has also pulled matching pants on most of his models.

ZARA jacket


Bershka presents a wide variety of jackets and if you are one of those who like crop style there are several options for you. While if you are of the most oversized the brand also presents a few models.

BERSHKA jacket

Jackets that take us to a scene from Kill Bill or in the most style grease. A futuristic aesthetic that transports us to the darkest side of the city and with which you will make autumn a groundbreaking season.

BERSHKA jacket


No doubt the red is one of the colors of the season; we see it in the hair, in the boots and also in the jackets.



PULL&BEAR jacket


Yellow is also another of the colors that devastates. aesthetics biker not only stands out for the logos, but also the paintings are It is another of the details that are added to most of the jackets to give it that touch racing.

MIUMIU jacket


The biker leather are fashionable and there is no piece that stops them. Good for its autumn practicality, suitable with all kinds of designs; with jeans and sneakerseven in more arranged options with dresses and heels.

DIESEL jacket


already own Maison Dior anticipated this phenomenon months ago, during the presentation of its autumn/winter collection.

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This jacket, presented at the parade, reinterprets the biker jacket with the haute couture codes of the Maison. Its black, white and yellow calfskin design features ‘The Next Era’ lettering and a star on the sleeves, as well as the ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature on the back.

DIOR jacket

Reinforced panels, created in collaboration with D-Air Lab, adorn the elbows and shoulders of this exceptional piece. The model, faithful to the spirit of the collection, it can be combined with an elegant creation to compose a modern look.

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The ‘Motomami’ style sweeps the stores: Rosalía’s influence on music and now on fashion

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