The millionaire that Camilo Echeverry charges per concert

Colombia saw Camilo Echeverry grow since he added to the Factor X program and later became the winner of it. Since then he has been on the radar and his fans have been able to witness each of his achievements in music and his personal life.

From presenting the program Bugsto writing songs for such artists as Anitta, Becky G and Bad Bunny, Camilo has managed to establish himself in the industry as one of today’s most promising rising the point of captivating legends like Shakira with her music, who ended up doing the remix of one of her songs, Tutu.

His personal life has also been full of achievements, since found love in Evaluna Montaner and later became a member of the Montaner familyone of the most important and influential in Latin music, managing to collaborate with his brothers-in-law Mao and Ricky Montaner on different songs.

His wedding with Evaluna had a gigantic media coverage, all thanks to the fact that they married very young and under Christian principles that many branded as “retrograde”, which in the end settled perfectly into their relationship and as a result they already had their first daughter. , Indigo, for whom Camilo has already composed his own song.

At the moment Camilo has fulfilled several dreams, such as becoming a father, collaborating with Shakira and even perform a free concert in one of their favorite places in the world: Madrid.

Camilo posted on his official Instagram account a video of his experience doing the open-air concert at La Puerta de Alcalá, one of the most famous tourist sites in the Spanish capital.

“The biggest concert of my life”he wrote in the publication, which contains clips from the attendees running to get a place near the stage, to the tears of the fans seeing the display of artists and songs that Camilo was able to give to his Spanish fans.

More than 80,000 people attended this show for the whole family, in which children, adults and even Evaluna danced and sang until the end. But, after this great success, the question arose as to how much money Camilo stopped receiving for this concert, or rather, How much does the Colombian charge to get on stage?

According to the Prensa Libre portal, The man from Antioquia charges between 300 and 500 thousand dollars for each show, approximately 2,300 million Colombian pesos. In addition, this would not be his highest income, because according to Net Worth Spot the singer receives about 17.1 million dollars through his YouTube channel and all his income added together gives a fortune that is around 24 million dollars. (110,526,960,000 million Colombian pesos at the dollar exchange rate at the time of writing this note).

The best thing about it is that Among the Echeverry Montaner couple, Camilo is the one who earns the least. Evaluna would be earning much more money from her advertising contracts with beauty brands, her work as an actress, and her music sales.

Although exact numbers are not known like those that can be seen from Camilo, only the income from YouTube means to Evaluna about 418 thousand dollars (1,925,011,220 million Colombian pesos).

At the moment Camilo is happy to have given one of his most special concerts for his musical career to his Spanish fans, all non-profit, and it remains to wait for the news that he will bring in terms of music and perhaps other projects that will let him see in its different facets.

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The millionaire that Camilo Echeverry charges per concert

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