The Mexican composer Edgar Barrera, “sentimental translator” of singers

Behind the successes of Camilo, Christian Nodal, Firm Group, Maluma, Ariana Grande And till madonnais the composer edgar barrerathe Mexican most nominated for awards Latin Grammy 2022who presumes not only to write the songs of the moment, but also to be a “sentimental translator” of the artists.

“I lived very closely what Christian was going through and one day in Mexico at his house, I sat down at the piano and started to write, and I wrote the song (‘We are no longer nor will we be’), I knocked on the door and he, who was going through all the heartbreak, when he heard it he started to cry, his head blew off,” recalls Barrera in an interview with Efe.

Nodal, who this year has been in the public eye for his breakup with Mexican singer Belinda, worked side by side with Barrera to make the song that currently has more than 160 million views on YouTube and more than 170 million on Spotify.

Like him, Barrera has given hits to other artists and only today songs like “Indigo” of Camilo and Evaluna; “everyone”, of Firm Group Y Maluma; “I live in 6”, of Christian Nodalamong others, have him as the second most nominated artist at the Latin Recording Academy gala, and even competing with himself.

“There is a category of regional Mexican in which I am competing with myself, I am three times with a song by Christian, one by Carin León and another by Maluma and Grupo Firme. I don’t know, I don’t even know which one to go to”, he says of “his children of his”, referring to his themes.

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Although his life is far from the everyday life of most, his story of the success that commitment, perseverance and work bring could sound like a cliché of the so-called “American dream”.

From “charging cables” and “serving coffee”, it became the mind behind hits like “Get over me”, of Firm Group; “I like it” of Shakira with Annuel; “Medellin”, of Maluma either “Dance with Me”of Selena Gomez Y Raww Alexander.

“The first one I did a duo with was, I think, with Maluma, I met him when he first arrived in Miami, he still didn’t have the international success he has today,” he recalls.

Barrera would go with his guitar and computer to Maluma’s tours, with whom he wrote and produced records on the buses without rest.

It was not until recently that they decided to change their way of working.

“(Now) what we do is disconnect for a week and a half or two, we go to a beach,” he details.

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Agricultural rock was present with the first song,


But having artists like madonna, Thalia either Shakirais not enough to stop feeling the weight and pressure when it comes to working with celebrities.

Proof of this was his work in “Bam Bam” with Camila Hair Y Ed Sheeran.

“That was something interesting, because working with an artist like him is like, what can one give Ed Sheeran? Why am I going to make him a style that he already knows how to do?”, he says.

For this reason, he decided to take the English composer out of his comfort zone with a sauce with Latin roots.

Barrera grew up in the northern state of Tamaulipas in Mexico, studied in his country and arrived in Miami with the hope of making a place for himself in music.

According to him, his dream was to be a composer and the surprise was that he also became a producer.

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Now, at 32, he already has 17 Latin Grammys and one Grammy, and will probably add as many more at the November 17 ceremony.

“I am normally used to being hidden behind the artist. But (the Grammys) are the only awards that really honor the one behind the songs,” she says.


Among the challenges to be assumed and artists with whom I would like to work are Mexican rock bands like Manna, Molotov Y Coffee Tacvbasince he defines himself as a “rocker at heart”.

Also added to your wish list Post Malone, Dua Lipa Y Bruno Mars: “I still have a list, many dreams to pursue and achieve,” he concludes.

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The Mexican composer Edgar Barrera, “sentimental translator” of singers

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