The last song of the last concert of Bunbury’s career: “Hasta siempre”

Red pants, black t-shirt, scarf tied around the neck and hat. They throw a towel at him. It’s the end of the last song of the concert, the constant, included in his 2017 album, Expectations. “Thank you very much, Atlanta. An immense pleasure to sing for you, to sing with you rock in Spanish”. He then introduces his band, Los Santos Inocentes, leaving for last: “… and Enrique Bunbury. See you forever.” He raises his right arm, palm outstretched, offers the audience a kiss, and runs off to the side of the stage as the band plays the final coda. The last time Bunbury will be seen in concert? He did not know it at the time, but days later everything points to the fact.

It was last May 10 at the Coca-Cola Roxy theater in Atlanta (Georgia). The next concert was supposed to be on May 15 in Chicago, but it was not held. In return, the singer from Zaragoza (54 years old) issued a statement: “My problems with my throat and breathing increased and came back sharply last night, and what I thought would be controlled is completely out of my hands and desires. With all the pain in my heart I have to anticipate what I already saw imminent. It is impossible for me to do more concerts”. This was the last tour of his career due to his throat problems. The vocalist believed that his health could withstand the tour of the United States and the one he had scheduled for Spain, which was going to take place in the summer and would end on September 22 in Valencia, but it will no longer take place.

For all intents and purposes, the one in New York on May 6 and the one in Atlanta are the last two recitals by the former leader of Héroes del Silencio. In both concerts his voice did not break. “Bunbury’s voice remains firm in New York, the first of the concerts of his farewell tour,” headlined this newspaper about his show at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn before 3,300 people, most of them Latinos. Public of similar profile fired him in Atlanta, where he reviewed his solo career with a memory of Heroes del Silencio through three songs: The Stranded Mermaid, Unmake the World Y Damn Goblin, which he performed penultimate. The concert opened with The terms of my surrender, of the disk Possible (2020), and pieces revered by his followers such as Good luck to you, The Foreigner, Lady Blue either The Impossible Club.

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The problems in the personal voice of the singer are not new. Since the times of Heroes del Silencio he had to suspend some concert, especially in the nineties. This writes Antonio Cardiel in the most complete book on the quartet, heroes of legend (Penguin Random House, 2021), referring to a tour in the nineties: “Enrique’s voice gave him another scare. It was a recurring problem, only he knows how many times something similar happened to him throughout his career in Heroes of Silence, or it continues to happen to him today. Probably much more often than he transcends.”

This is how the singer defined his difficulty in a statement last February: “The reality is that my throat closes and irritates, and my airways make the slightest exercise and the execution of my work difficult.” Bunbury’s retirement from the stage doesn’t mean he won’t be making more music. He will continue “composing songs, recording albums and writing poetry.”

His latest recording was released recently, on April 26: the song Waiting for a sign star theme of Alexis Morante’s film Oliver’s universe. the constant It will go down in history as his last live song. The lyrics say: “Just because I don’t give details and live like a king, I know how to recognize my Jade palace”. That temple of meditation and rest to which Bunbury himself is now heading.

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The last song of the last concert of Bunbury’s career: “Hasta siempre”

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